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SpineCare Chiropractic focuses on non-surgical treatments for ALL musculoskeletal problems.
SpineCare Chiropractic focuses on non-surgical treatments for ALL musculoskeletal problems.

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We're proud to announce SpineCare is now the official team chiropractor of the Huntsville Havoc!

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At SpineCare, we offer the Two Week Promise. We promise to meet or exceed your expectations within two weeks. If this goal is not met, then we will reevaluate and modify your treatment. We cannot promise specific results, but we do promise patient satisfaction.

As your spine care specialists, we are dedicated to helping you feel your best and achieve your goals. Let us show you the SpineCare difference today!

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Your spine is strong and stable with you practice healthy posture. Slouching causes your muscles and ligaments to strain to keep you balanced - leading to back pain, headaches, and other problems.

Good standing posture:

- Keep your head level and in line with your body
- Stand straight and tall with your shoulders back
- Pull in your abdomen
- Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart
- Don't lock your knees
- Bear your weight primarily on the balls of your feet
- Let your hands hang naturally at your side

Good sitting posture:

- Adjust the height of your chair so that your feet rest flat on the floor
- Don't cross your legs
- Stretch the top of your head toward the ceiling
- Tuck your chin in slightly
- Keep your upper back and neck comfortably straight
- Keep your shoulders relaxed

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It’s that time again - our Back to School Ebook is available for download on our website now!
In this informative ebook, you'll learn how to find a backpack that won't ruin your child's back, simple ways to avoid pain that affects roughly 67% of student athletes, how to quickly pack a lunch that's good for your child, and more!

CLICK HERE to download:

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Did you know Spinecare's Massage Therapists will come to your place of work? Call us today to learn more about our Corporate Chair Massages!

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In the United States, one of the most common type of injuries are repetitive use injuries. What makes them so common is that they can occur while doing normal, everyday activities. Desk jobs, parenting, sports- all activities we regularly do without realizing risks. Over 50% of repetitive use injuries are athletic-related.

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Getting out and about is a lot of fun during the summer. You have the warmth and the sun as your companion, and it can help you feel invigorated to push yourself further than normal. If you plan on going out to be active this summer, make sure you stretch your muscles first do you don’t hurt yourself. Here are some of the best summer stretches to make part of your routine.

Read more on our blog:…/8-super-summer-stretches/

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Establish a rock solid foundation for good health naturally with chiropractic care!

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Did you wake up today with neck pain from sleeping in an awkward position? We all know how annoying this ache can be, but it can also be extremely painful.

What can be done about neck pain you're feeling right now?

- Warm Compress. A warm, damp dowl (microwaved) can help increase circulation and is often very effective in relieving stiff muscles. (If symptoms worsen, remove heat immediately.)
- Give your neck a rest. Your head weighs around 10lbs! That's a lot of weight that your neck has to support... especially while in pain. If you have spare time, lie down with your head in a neutral position.
- Ice. Just like the warm compress, if symptoms worsen, remove ice immediately.
- Try to avoid stress. I know... easier said than done. Do your best to forget your problems by watching a movie or reading a book.
- Stretch Your Neck. Take a hot shower or use a warm compress first to loosen your muscles.
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