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Kevin Chenevert
I want to make games that my boys would like to play with me.
I want to make games that my boys would like to play with me.

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Just received Strongholds of Sorcery and it looks great but appears to not have maps for the last adventure Thaumerion’s Tower.

+Chris McDowall and others I have a rule question regarding "initiative". Does the referee roll a Dex Save for the opponent's leader? What is the thinking behind a Dex Save for initiative instead of everyone rolling or going with the highest Dex score? Not criticizing by any means, just interested in the thinking behind this mechanic. Thanks in advance.

Going to playtest this with the boy this week. Thoughts, suggestions?

Critical Damage Options for Melee:
1 – Double damage dice

2 – Normal damage and one of the following
o Shove – move opponent away from you, Close to Near
o Push – move opponent and yourself to a point Near your original position
o Block – position yourself between the foe and an ally so that the foe cannot attack the ally

3 – 1 point of damage and one of the following
o Trip – Opponent loses next Move with successful DEX test
o Disarm – Opponent loses weapon with successful STR test at Disadvantage
o Restrain – Opponent and you lose all attacks and move actions each round with a successful STR test
o Slam – A "Restrained" opponent can be thrown to the ground and loses next Move and Attack with a successful STR test at Disadvantage. If STR test fails, then opponent is free.

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Excerpt from No Class Hack with newly finished Gnoll illustration. It (the illustration) has not been added to the PDF yet.

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Gnoll pencil that I will start inking tomorrow for for inclusion with No Class Hack before it gets submitted for POD.

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I am considering doing this as a free follow up and supplement for No Class Hack. Comments, questions, and critique are welcome.

Would this be of interest and use to you?

At at a minimum, I will cover the core races each at least once (human, elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling, human and orc) with suggested Edge progression to emulate the classic Classes: Fighter, Magic User, Thief, Cleric, Ranger, Barbarian, Paladin, and Monk. Then there would be a 1st, 3rd, and 5th level example that could be used as a PC/NPC.

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Here is a short No Class Hack excerpt/sampler preview pdf shared on Google Drive with Quickstart Edges, and the Elf, Human, and Minotaur races


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Corruption Drop Table (letter size pdf for No Class Hack with and without background image for your use in the shared drive.

For No Class Hack, Corruption is triggered when a Spellcaster's Usage Die get below 0. If you want to use in another system, let a spellcasting Critical Failure trigger Corruption and roll 1d6 per level of the spell that was cast.

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No Class Hack Character Sheet (letter size and A5 size) is available on the shared folder in both pdf and xls format:

I am also adding it to the download or DriveThruRPG shortly
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