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looks like we are not the only ones getting ripped off by these scammers.

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This is one of the oldest and biggest scams in the Country. BUYER BEWARE, These guys don't even have inventory. They sell brokered engines and transmissions from other junk yards. Which normally wouldn't be a problem if they were being upfront and honest about what they are selling. Unfortunately the entire operation is designed to get the customer to pay extra for a low mileage engine (that they are not going to send you) with a extra long parts and labor warranty (that they are never going to honor) They never even see the parts, let alone know whether or not they are good. They also have absolutely no problem selling you and engine or tranny with 250.000 miles on it and tell you it has 70,000 or 30,000. When you go on their website and request a part (that they always seem to have) the mileage always reads the same. They put a tilde or ~ symbol in front of the miles. basically they are telling you that if you are too stupid to to know what that means (It means they have no idea how many miles is on the part and they don't care) that you are to stupid to have the money for it in your pocket and that they are going to take it and keep it. The one my neighbor got from them came from a B&R Auto Wrecking out west. I would say they must be a part of the scam. WHAT EVER YOU DO DONT GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD.

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these guys really screwed my buddy over. 
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