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Characters You Shouldn't Dress Up As For Halloween
Halloween is right around the corner, so get your pumpkins ready, and more importantly, your costumes! Some of you might be contemplating dressing up as a fictional character, which is cool and all, but you have to put in mind that some characters don't mak...

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How To Stop Procrastinating (NaNoWriMo)
          Judging by my Blogging Tips From  A Newbie To A Newbie, you guys might have figured out that I like giving advice about things I know zilch about. Today's post is no exception. So, I've been hearing a lot of talk about fellow bloggers starting NaN...

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Graffiti Moon Restored My Faith In Contemporary
Rating:      This
book came so close to being an all time favourite, which is weird
because a) I hate contemporaries with a passion and b) only  a handful of books sit on my ATF shelf (actually, they're two). But I would have gladly handed a five star, gush...

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Does The Author's Gender Matter?
  I have been coming across some really great articles about diversity of characters and settings in YA novels, and while that is a topic I can personally never tire of writing or reading about, I want to address a different element: Diversity of writers.  ...

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Let's Recap, Shall We?!
wise, this week has been quite uneventful. Matter of fact, my blog has been somewhat dead for the past few days, because I've been so busy with the hoopla of writing.  First of all, I want to thank my beta readers (Shannelle, Lesley, Lillian, and Nevey...

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Conversation With An Imaginary Publisher
   Look, look. Before you say anything: I'm bored. Plus, I have a shit ton of questions I'd like to ask a publisher. The questions are present, but the publisher... not so much. So I made one up, like normal people do. And you know what? I stand by my decis...

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Review: I Hunt Killers (& Why I Don't Like Crime Fiction).
Links :  Goodreads Rating: I
thought I'd try doing something a little different this time. Thing is, I'm not very good at promoting books, especially if it's a book I liked. My review end up being a mess of gushing and incoherent words.  So today, I'll flip...

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Alternate & Terrible Ending To: The Hunger Games
This is a new feature on I Read and Tell where I basically crush your dreams and ruin books for you. You don't have to thank me. P.S: This post contains major spoilers for  The Hunger Games. The last remaining victors stand in front of the cornucopia, each ...

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I Have News!!
all take a deep breath, aiight? So, I understand the title of this post is overly dramatic, but .. I've been waiting for soo long to write this, so.. I don't usually do personal posts like these, where I update you guys on my life, because let's face ...

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Sexism in YA
So I have written and rewritten this post several times before I could settle on something . This is because a) I have a hard time being ...
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