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My public library has kiosks where I check out books. I can request a receipt by email, because the system knows my email account. When I request an email receipt, the kiosk's screen displays my email address. But for security reasons, asterisks obscure part of my email name. The part that is "asterisked" isn't my name; it's the part that follows the "@" sign like this:
What a great way to make sure that no onlooker can guess my email address!

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tobias robison commented on a post on Blogger.
I have passed your correction on to Shelby Lyman. Thanks!

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Great physical Therapy
I just completed a series of Physical Therapy sessions at Activcore in Princeton, NJ. I brought a knee problem to my therapist, Jason Goncalves. He did a thorough initial evaluation, determining that by favoring the knee for two months, I had weakened many ...

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"Way of Life" is a terrific app for managing my daily responsibilities
I use Way of Life to track matters as mundane as brushing my teeth, shaving and taking my vitamins. I use it to make sure I've taken out the garbage and done my 3-per-week exercises. The red blots on my progress charts gently prod me to do better. I know I ...

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DailyArt PRO - An app with a daily view of fine art and more:
I'm writing today to recommend an app called DailyArt PRO . (There's also a free version called DailyArt Free ).  Each day, the curator chooses a good image of a fascinating work of art. It is likely to be a painting, but it may be ancient, modern or anythi...

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USAF Drone Pilots Probably need a Union:
Slashdot points to a NYTimes article about how the airforce people who pilot drones in our theaters of war are burning out. They are probably being overworked, but in addition: the stress of switching back and forth between being a killer pilot and a family...

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Google: Please help me to remember why I set up "alerts":
I have a suggestion for Google. I like to use Google Alerts. I will read a news story and wonder how it's going to be followed up, so I often set up an alert to track it. Weeks later, Google will give me alerts, and what if I have forgotten why I set up the...

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A good kosher restaurant in Manalapn, NJ
I recommend Capri Kosher Italian Cuisine Restaurant, address 335 Route US 9 S, Manalapan, NJ (Summerton Plaza).  We are eating out more that usual just now, and we recently ate three good meals at Capri. The restaurant's
website is . There's...

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I'm pleased to announce that I have published my second medieval fantasy novel. It's available in Amazon, and very inexpensive to buy for Kindle. It's called: Amia's Gifts. Please see:  or see my website:   Thanks!

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MiniLegend: What the Hell?
I'm trying to play an IOS RPG/Card game that is so new, it seems to have no reviews yet (as of Oct 14, 2104). Well, here's a short comment: I opened the game and went to the register screen. I carefully typed in my desired account name, my long password (tw...
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