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Dean Ferguson
I'm an Art Lead in the Video Games industry.
I'm an Art Lead in the Video Games industry.

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Developer Diary 02 is live!!
Mitch discusses all things animation. 

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After a few hiccups and setbacks, we're happy to announce pledging via PayPal is now Live!

You'll be able to get all the same rewards available here on Kickstarter, minus those limited quantity tiers, and all your pledges go towards reaching stretch goals!

Click here to support Satellite Reign via PayPal!

Unfortunately, one of the hardest parts of announcing PayPal is that most of the people reading this will already be backers! So, to help us reach those tasty stretch goals, we'll need your help. Share the link above wherever you can to help us get the word out and reach those people who couldn't back before.

First Stretch Goal Met!

In other fantastic news, we were very excited to wake up this morning (Australian time) to see we've reached the first stretch goal.
This means Russell Shaw, the composer and audio designer of Syndicate, Syndicate Wars, Dungeon Keeper, Black and White and the Fable series will now be on board to work his aural magic on Satellite Reign! We can't tell you how stoked we are at the support we've had from everyone to allow us to reach this goal. At this rate, we'll be hitting localisation in no time!

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Hidden amongst the dark recesses of any megacity street, you can find them... if you know the right person, where to meet, and what to ask, that is. When you need a target executed quietly, without evidence, witness or remorse, you need... The Assassin Agent.

From within the shadows, the Assassin Agent watches, silently waiting for the moment to strike. Whether quietly taking out a target with a silenced sniper rifle, or making a splash with a portable rail-gun, the Assassin Agent won’t be needing to line-up a second shot. Equally proficient with close range combat, with Katana on hand, they’ll make short work of any Corporate Soldier who strays too far from the nest. With an array of remote detonation charges, tripwires, and even a little bit of hacking prowess, they can wreak havoc behind the walls of any Corporate facility while simultaneously heading off any counter offensive before the enemy even has a chance to react.

The Assassin’s tools of the trade are stealth and speed. Equipped with high-end stealth capabilities, the Assassin can blend seamless into any surrounding. Invisible, they quietly move into position behind enemy lines, ready to pounce. For those who prefer a more visible approach, fully augmented legs allow the Assassin to use the dash ability to close the gap between themselves and their prey in no time.

The Assassin Agent is your go-to mercenary for when you need something done quickly, quietly and without leaving any witnesses. Dead men tell no tales.

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100% Funded!

Great success! We've reached our initial funding goal! 

A huge thanks from the entire team to everyone who has backed thus far. We're still a few days out and we've got some meaty stretch goals to aim towards so we'll be continuing with our update schedule. We still have to introduce you to the Assassin Agent and we have a few surprise updates up our sleeves, so stay tuned!

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Thanks to all our generous backers, both recent and those who've been here from the start, we just reached 90%! This update was going to celebrate reaching £300,000 but the strong push from everyone has accelerated things faster than any of us expected, the finish line is within reach and those stretch goals are in sight!

Check out our latest update for more interviews with the team, info on our brand new reward tiers (hardcover novella!) and a reminder about our Twitch broadcast!

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Update #27 Meet the Soldier Agent

There comes a time where negotiations fail, when propaganda falls on deaf ears and when covert tactics are ineffective. At that time, when you just need something blown up, shot up or broken up, you need your heavy hitter, your front line, your need the Soldier Agent.

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Gameplay Visualisation Video,  Gameplay Walkthrough and Shoutouts! - Update #26 is GO!

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Go Go Go!!  :)
Greetings agents!

Usually the weekends are relatively quiet and since were are knuckling down preparing the coming FINAL weeks onslaught of updates for the Kickstarter we thought it might be time to have our agents do a bit of reconnaissance work for us. After all, what’s the point of running a big evil corporation if you can't order around your agents?!

Propaganda Blitz

Your mission is to spread the word of Satellite Reign. Enlist new recruits and “persuade” them to part with their hard earned cash! But being gracious overlords we wouldn't send you out blindly to recruit the masses. If every agent jumps on their Facebook or twitter accounts and helps get the Kickstarter in front of just a handful of new people, we could potentially have thousands more agents in our ranks, allowing us to hit our initial goal and start making good grounds towards our stretch goals! Below are messages for you to send out on your Facebook and Twitter accounts if you don't want to write messages of your own. 


Hello everyone, I have recently supported this awesome game called Satellite Reign on Kickstarter. It is a spiritual successor to Syndicate Wars that is now in the final stretch to meet its funding goal. Have a look at the link below and if you like what you see please consider pledging. Thanks!


I supported Satellite Reign, the spiritual successor to Syndicate. Support their Kickstarter before its too late!

Twitch Live Stream

We have also had a few requests for us to play through Syndicate Wars and give a bit of a commentary on it. So this Tuesday we are going to have a live Twitch stream and show off Mikes skills at playing a game he hasn't played for 15 years :D. We will also have a few of the 5 Lives team around to help answer any questions you have. 

Twitch Times:

AEST Wednesday 24th July 9am (Brisbane)
UTC / GMT Tuesday 23rd July 11pm
BST Tuesday 23rd July Midnight (London) 
EDT Tuesday 23rd July 7pm (New York)
PDT Tuesday 23rd July 4pm (Los Angeles)
(we will send out another update with a link when we are about to go live)

… go forth and multiply agents!

For those who have been following, the Kickstarter I'm involved in goes live in 3 days!

For those who haven' this space. :)
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