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Christine Shara
Why don't they look?
Why don't they look?

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Packaging the new C1 World
I have been trying to come up with ideas on how to package the world. I have come up with a good option. The main file will have the world, packed with fruits, vegetables, roots, drinks, and food vendors. Of course the basic scripts to allow your creatures ...

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I am so sorry that I have been so busy with school. We are doing urinalysis and other body fluids and its been taking up most of my time. It has been very interesting! we got to see some parasites and some infections, plus gout and pseudogout. On my down ti...

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Some updates
I apologize for being behind again. I ended up getting distracted with school while trying to finish the world. I also ran into a problem with some of the objects not regenerating when I was testing. I basically have been rewriting all the regrowing objects...

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Albia update
I have been working on the world, I promise! Class got a little bit of my time so I ended up not able to finish this for CCSF. Fortunately, I should have it done by the end of november, so its going to end up being a good early christmas present for the com...

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Albia World Updates!
Finally, here are some previews for my lovely minions who have been patiently waiting. Banana Tree The cherry tree with some added treehouse structure Rainbow lemons! One of the trees in the skyroom that grows berries A sample of flowers growing in the gard...

New COB's being posted, So awesome!
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