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Sharon Lawson

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lovely group
We are an adult-only online-based networking community based for lovers of sensual Dominance and submission, power games, & erotic hypnosis.
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V. Hot
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Sharon Lawson

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I am glad you did that. I wonder if they would notice how smooth your bottom is when you wear a g-string? I would!!
Today was a bit of a milestone. I wore my panties to work. I've worn them before, but always underneath man pants so no-one would know. I've had this job for 18 yrs and have known some of my c...
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I love corsets on a girl, its so entirely feminine
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Sharon Lawson

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Well, I have been writing in my blog a lot. More stories and adding to ones already started. I am getting good comments about them.... yeah!
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send any sharing thoughts to me at my email..... the zero in the adress)
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Sharon Lawson

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I think you just need to keep at it, hun.
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OK wooow ur sexy hot and beautiful and gorgeous and attractive and stunning looking woman I've ever seen also I would like us to be friends and keep in touch with each other and I adore u n admire you for who u r n for what you are as a person. 
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Sharon Lawson

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I love the bitch slapping.... absolutely love it
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Relaxing for sure
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Sharon Lawson

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Writing a bit more now
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Wooow ur looking sexy and beautiful and gorgeous and very stunning woman I've ever seen I would like to be friends and keep in touch with each other. I will like to welcome you with open arms and welcome u into my life as well. And I will like to add u now if you are ok with this? 
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Sharon Lawson

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such a hot photo.  Just look at her nipples
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Sharon Lawson

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now thats the kind of attitude I appreciate in a bimbo
OMG, so i have been addictively reading, right, and doing the sissification exercises and watching the attitude adjustment vids and everything, and well checking out like s...
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I want to be a bimbo so bad 
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Sharon Lawson

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Hi Sharon Lawson you are very sexy beautiful lady great set of legs I would say you are one Hot cougar I would love to date IM a single man in Montana looking Sharon have a lovely evening kisses kisses I do have you in my circle Sharon!!!!
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Sharon Lawson

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This interest of mine started happening years ago. Thinking back, I am sure it started when I saw this young male working at the dry cleaners I frequented. He was quite thin, shorter than my 5'10&...
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Tall blonde Psychologist
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Octobers schedule

Only 5 orgasms this month I think its going to be a long month

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