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The B&W Project
Inspiration, Creativity, Learning and Interaction through the medium of B&W photography
Inspiration, Creativity, Learning and Interaction through the medium of B&W photography

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3/26: Framing
Date of Posting: Friday 10 February

Make sure you tag +Al Chris+Maayan Windmuller+Pat Kight​ and use the hashtag #BWProject2016

In photography, the term “natural frame” doesn’t necessarily mean a natural object. A natural frame can be a doorway, an archway – or the branches of a tree or the mouth of a cave. Simply put, a natural frame is anything you can use in lieu of one of those expensive wood frames. Using natural frames is a trick that will isolate your subject from the rest of the image, leading the viewer’s eyes straight to the place you want it to go.

4/26: Reflection
Date of Posting: Friday 24 February

Make sure you tag +Al Chris, +Pat Kight and +Maayan Windmuller and use the hashtag #BWProject2017.

Reflective surfaces are all around us. Some of them are more obvious, like mirrors or water (or wine in Lauri's case 😜), but if you look closely, you can find them in glass, metal or even your eye. Give us your unique angle on the theme! We'll give you a fortnight to reflect on it ;-)

Loving all your different interpretations coming in for Framing!

Stay tuned for the next theme announcement and more... 😊



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This is an excellent interpretations of our most recent theme.
+Françoise Dhulesia​​ has created a dramatic view of the Eiffel Tower for us to enjoy.
He She is also a fantastic participant, visiting many contributors and providing informed and supportive comments.
Thanks for all your talents Françoise, I'm really pleased you are with us this year! Al
2/26: In/around my home
In Paris, the weather has been amazingly cold since the last two weeks, and I only shot around home, at the Champ de Mars. The Eiffel Tower being my very close neighbour, here is my freezing Iron Lady!
My interpretation of the theme!
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2/26: In/around my home
Posting Date: Friday 27th January
As extremes of weather in both hemispheres may keep us close to home at this time of the year, this theme is useful ;)
Show us an aspect of your home, either inside or outside.
If you are travelling, show us something from inside your accommodation.
Remember to tag +Al Chris​​, +Pat Kight​​ and +Maayan Windmuller​​ as well as use the hashtag #BWProject2017 

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Have you been wanting to create B&W images but don't know where to start?
Start the journey in 2017 with The B&W Project!

First theme, which is due next Friday, 13th January is Past, Present and Future, depicted so successfully here by +Marilyn Benham​!

For more information, check out the pinned post on our page. 
Week 1/26 ~ Past, Present, Future

At least as far as candles go.. : )

#BWProject2017 +The B&W Project Hosted by +Al Chris +Maayan Windmuller +Pat Kight

Welcome to 2017!

Have you wanted to improve your skills in B&W photography but didn't know where to start?

Would you like to be supported by a great group of people from around the world?

Then this is the Project for you! Read on :-)

The B&W Project begins anew for 2017.

Sadly, due to pressures of time, +Lauri Novak​ is unable to curate for 2017. I will be eternally grateful for working with such a talented photographer and wonderful friend. I wish her success on her adventures this year. Thank you for everything Lauri x

*I warmly welcome +Maayan Windmuller and +Pat Kight​​​ as our new curators. *

Simple Guidelines can be found on our profile page, but they are repeated here for your information

We still have the same basic rules for the project, and they are...

#1 No nudity! This is a family friendly zone, so be respectful in your creative expressions.

#2 This is a B&W project, so of course your images should be B&W.

#3 No recycled photos. Each image you submit for the project should be something you shot specifically for it and should be shot in that fortnight.

#4 Respect the post date. We realise that life gets complicated at times, but try as much as possible to post on the Friday.

#5 Comment on as many posts as possible, offering constructive feedback. We all learn by having elements that have worked successfully highlighted, and advice on what actions might make the image stronger photographically.

Enjoy the interaction and positive learning that occurs throughout the year. We are fortunate to have a fabulous group of people participating.

Topic One: Past, Present, Future
Posting Date: Friday 13th January 2017

A reasonably free flowing beginning. Interpret the theme in whatever way you wish.
You may want to share with us where your photography is at the moment, and what hopes or goals you have this year.

Whatever you choose, make sure you take the image between now and the posting date.

When you post, make sure you tag +Al Chris​​​​, +Maayan Windmuller​​​​ and +Pat Kight​​​​ and use the hashtag #BWProject2017 so we can enjoy and comment on your post.

Good Luck, and to help those who want to create a circle, please comment below and use the hashtag #IminBWProject2017

Last theme for 2016!
27/26:Look back and smile
Posting Date: Friday 30th December
The last theme for the year can be interpreted in whatever way you want.
Take it literally, or look back at an image from this year that you are proud of or that makes you smile. Tell us why you choose it too please!
Don't forgot to tag +Al Chris​​ (who is at large in Malaysia) and the super talented +Lauri Novak​​ and use the hashtag #bwproject2016 

Double Theme Post!
As I am about to embark on a 4 week expedition to the jungles of Borneo and Malaysia, I am posting the next two themes as my internet access may be non existent. Still tag me though, as I will catch up whenever possible.

News to come soon on new curators and an opt in notification strategy for 2017 participants that will hopefully enable interested people to create a circle ready for next year.

No free steak knives, but a bonus Friday in 2016, so there will be a 27/26 theme.

25/26: Looking forward to....
Date of Posting: Friday 2nd December
Yes, creative hurdle to conquer :)
Take it literally, or go wild, whatever you want.

26/26: Faces - non-human/animal
Date of Posting: Friday 16th December
Faces are everywhere. Only inanimate objects this time. Go hunting!

As always, remember to tag +Al Chris​​​ and +Lauri Novak​​​ as well as use the hashtag #bwproject2016

Topic 24/26: Colour (don’t describe what your color is in your shot - let us guess!)
Date of Posting: Friday 18 November
Remember to tag +Al Chris​​​ and +Lauri Novak​​​ as well as use the hashtag #bwproject2016

As the year nears an end, I'd love your feedback on hits and misses with the #bwproject2016 this year.
What has worked for you?
What would you like to suggest for 2017?

Also, I am potentially looking for one or two new curators to join me. Let me known if and why you are interested!
Regards Al ☺️

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