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Ahhhh the Austrian in me is all smiles :)
To celebrate the 150th birthday of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, doodler Jennifer Hom painted an homage to Klimt's famous painting "The Kiss"—using (faux) gold leaf and (real) oil paint. See the doodle on homepages today and catch a few behind-the-scenes photos of its creation below.
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I love using HubSpot, great software, great content!

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Effective online marketing that has your leads knocking on your door vs. you chasing them is called "Inbound Marketing".
It assumes you are an expert in your field and can use your expertise to attract highly targeted and qualified leads to your business. 
While the system to use Inbound Marketing is the same for any size business, there are a few specific tips and tricks for solopreneurs who need to market themselves on a shoestring budget. 
This free webinar shows what Inbound Marketing is and gives a detailed overview of the various aspects and how a solopreneur can use them to 

- get found
- enchant 
- convert and
- re-engage

their audience. 

Presenter Bettina Horvath is an certified Inbound Marketing Professional.

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Was about to attempt the merging of my two G+ accounts when I learned that in order to transfer ownership the person getting ownership needs to have been manager for at least 2 weeks. Means I now have to wait until then as I'd otherwise lose ownership of this page as pages don't get transferred with a merge of accounts. 

So we learn. 

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Xtraordinary Women in Business Networking Session - Somerset West

Using the new science of Positive Psychology 
to maximise your potential for fulfilment and success

Positive Psychology is a new scientific branch of Psychology which is based on the realisation that traditional Psychology has until now overemphasized the exploration of human disorders and weaknesses. Instead of aiming to relieve human suffering, Positive Psychologists now study how we can get the most out of our lives: How can we develop positive emotions, character strengths and institutions in order to allow people to thrive and flourish? 

The aim of this talk is to help you apply the findings of Positive Psychology to transform yourself, your business and your community.

"We can live out the vision that life and work can be about building what is best and highest, not just about correcting weaknesses"

Join Xtraordinary Women and Manuela Glasbrenner for this event through which you will:

- Understand the principles of Positive Psychology.
- Learn why “bad news” affect us disproportionately compared to “good news” and what we can do to reprogram ourselves.
- Get insight into what recent studies reveal about human strengths and strategies of people who achieve emotional fulfilment and psychological well-being.
- Find out how you can recognise, grow and use your unique strengths.
- Learn how to use Positive Psychology as a tool to achieve positive change and to realise your potential for authentic happiness.

About our guest speaker

Manuela Glasbrenner grew up in Germany and holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Mannheim. She has worked in a German research institute, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to compare the brain functions of psychiatric patients with those of psychologically healthy people. She wrote her thesis in this intersection of Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology and further co-authored a scientific study that has been published in the international ‘Journal of Affective Disorders’. She set foot on the African continent when she did an internship in Namibia in 2007 working with juvenile delinquents with deficits in their personal and social development. 

After moving to the Cape in 2010, Manuela followed her passion for people development and positive change: she uses Positive Psychology in her work as a coach ( and as an associate with Playing Mantis (

Venue: Erinvale Clubhouse, Erinvale Estate
Event date: 5 July
RSVP & Payments: 2 July @ 12:00
Registration: 08:00 Tea/Coffee on arrival
Time: 08:30 - 11:00
Investment: R150 via EFT or R170 if cash paid into account to cover cash deposit fee - no cash payments to be made at the door.

Members: R120.00

A light snack will be served followed by Information Session and Networking.

Please e-mail us on for any booking queries

Follow on Twitter:

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Your thoughts create your reality. There's a science behind it, it's called positive psychology. 

On July 5 Manuela Glassbrenner will shed light on the subject at the Xtraordinary Women in Business networking session in Somerset West. #XWIBSW  

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Cloud computing in SA - who'd have thought? 
What's the fuss about Office 365? Is South Africa ready for cloud computing of the most popular software? What infrastructure is needed and is it available in South Africa? Does Office 365 running from a server in Ireland make a difference to clients in South Africa? 

These and many other questions will be answered during our live Q&A webinar June 26. Please share with your circles and send us your questions! 

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I've gotten to know this company quite well as of late and find their offering invaluable for any small to mid sized company (30-250 workstations). Imagine having no IT nightmares to manage any more! Being able to pass it on to the experts and not having to use internal resources. Makes a lot of sense to me.
Who benefits the most from managed IT services and what are they?

Our core offering explained.

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A most fascinating read. So glad I found this. Making social work for B2B - and IBM is leading the way.

+Chris Welham will know why in particular :)

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Huh? What? For real? 
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