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Invitation for all aspiring & budding writers!!!!

Pulp and Paper Technology Blog of Ochre-Media would like to invite you to contribute articles related to the pulp and paper industry on a topic of your choice.

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#ACIRD affords steadfast analytical and testing services in areas such as raw material, pulping & bleaching, deinking, pulp, wet-end application, paper coating, paper, black liquor, water and wastewater, soil, air, solid waste, lime sludge, coal, enzymes, microscopic analysis, etc....

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Corrugated Equipment and systems are employed in the Pulp and #Paperindustry for the crafting of corrugated fibre boards and hard paper material which is formulated by the creasing of paper....

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Chemicals play a versatile role in the Pulp and Paper industry because they are diversely used as dyes, bleaches etc. Adhesives, on the other hand, serve the purpose of binding and finishing as well as holding fast pages to covers or other pages..

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#AzimuthInternational offers a superior range of Paper Cup and Paper Plate Production machine to its clients. The salient features of this Paper Cup and Paper Plate Production are...

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#Belmark products find wide application in Paper manufacturing, paper & plastic Converting, Processing, Artificial Leather, BOPP and HDPE Woven fabrics, aluminium foils, films, Textiles, vinyl...

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We supply customized drying and heating solutions based on gas/electrical infrared and air technologies to a wide range of industries including #paper and board, metal processing and various other industrial applications....

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The procedure of transforming wood chips into paper pulp which is further utilized in the domain of #papermaking is generally referred to as #ChemicalPulping. This process is facilitated by chemical cooking wherein single cellulose fibres are obtained as a corollary of the reduction of wood or other such fibrous raw material....

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