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Took a class this weekend titled Injuries and Special Populations. It was great. It will change both how I do my Pilates training and how I approach my massage. I need to take it about a 100 more tomes, though. 

Gyre Bodyworks has a great special this month: 75 min massage for $60.
Working on getting the Pilates included as well.

Gyre Bodyworks has a great special for May: 75 minute massage for $60.00.
Makes a great Mother's Day Gift.
Working hard at getting the Pilates Training going as well.

There are 11 days left of my April Special : 60 minute massage for $55.
Great way to spend your tax refund. 

Gyre Bodyworks has a great special for April : 60 minute massage for $55.00!

I have my Pilates Reformer all set up and have started using it. Can't wait to start teaching. 

Just moved my new Pilates Reformer to my office space. It was quite a project. Thanks to my wonderful hubby for taking time off of work to help! Now I have to reassemble it. Yikes! Can't wait to start working out with it.

Put a deposit down on a Pilates Reformer today. Super excited. 

I am super excited to start Pilates Reformer Training this week. Super sore from last week's training. 

Gyre Bodyworks is subbing a few Yoga and Pilates classes this month that are taking place in various churches and conference rooms. I love seeing healthy habits everywhere. 
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