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Judi Bryan
Realtor serving home buyers and home sellers in the Chicago suburbs since 1983
Realtor serving home buyers and home sellers in the Chicago suburbs since 1983

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Shockwave flash keeps crashing when I post to Google +. Wonder how common that is.

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Always fascinated by the technologies for real estate! I've tried so many things over the years...some losers, some keepers, some somewhere in between. The jury, as they say, is still out on those. I'm curious to see how Google + fits into the grand scheme. Since it's not really fully built, fully implementable yet apparently, looks like I'm on a journey with a lot of other folks checking this platform out. Now for a new phone (sadly, appears Blackberry is losing significant ground here...planning to bid my Torch farewell). Any input on replacement devices? So far I'm intrigued by the ATRIX

I've spent decades learning REALTY it seems I'm spending equal time learning GEEK speak! So many venues, so many technologies (actually, I find a lot of them quite cool!), so many new terms to learn I think my body has taken the approach that I must first FORGET something to make room for the new things I have to LEARN! Sure has gotten the forget part for the learnin'...LOL!

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Beautifully said! We have so much to be thankful for and that beautiful pic you shared amplifies so much of that.
Today as I drove through Napa I was thinking about "what is freedom?" After all, the Fourth of July is a good time to think about that (USA's birthday is July 4th).

Freedom is the ability to do what you want without worrying about what other people think. My friend +Jesse Stay has written about religious persecution (he's a Mormon, an organization that has faced its share of such) and I am glad me and him have the ability to believe any damn thing we want without facing too much persecution.

It is freedom to love whoever you want. In some countries my wife would be stoned to death for hanging out with a geek like me (she grew up in Tehran, Iran, and it isn't a very good decision to marry outside of their state-sponsored religion).

I'm so excited that some of my friends in the tech press have gotten new freedoms in the past year thanks to New York lawmakers who had guts to stand up for freedom.

It is the freedom to work for who you want (or, even, work for yourself!) In lots of places in the world there are many people who don't have that freedom.

It is the freedom to be able to say our President is a butthead and not face state-sponsored consequences. My wife's family moved her here after she was threatened by military personel in Iran for simply laughing. "Why are you laughing in a time of war?" they asked her.

It is the freedom for you to vote for someone I think is an idiot (and the freedom to be able to state such here on Google+). I'd die to protect that freedom, because that means I can vote for an idiot too.

It is the freedom to decide whether or not to serve your country. Nearly every day I pass by this memorial grounds and thank my lucky stars I never was forced into making the ultimate sacrifice for my country and I revere those who DO make that choice (my brothers both served and so did my dad).

Anyway, I keep worrying about my country. It is pretty damn messed up and some of our freedoms have been taken away (just try to fly on a plane and go through a TSA line to see a very clear example of that) but after driving through Napa today I was just very thankful that I had the freedom to visit one of the best wine regions in the world.

Thank you to everyone who has helped protect my freedoms. Happy birthday America.
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