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Jamie Pope
Once killed a man with a trident
Once killed a man with a trident

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I'm looking for some advice on what I believe is a hamstring injury. The bizarre part "for me anyway" is it hurts most behind my knee. I do feel the pain up the back of my thigh but it hurts most behind my knee, particularly on the outside. Does anyone have any recommendations on treatment, stretches, yoga, or doctors in the Charlotte NC area? Its very depressing and causing me to take two to three days between my runs. Thanks ...

Bought the new Galaxy tab. Amazing display but passed no Netflix or Hulu! What gives Samsung?

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I have an iPhone but I am digging this new Galaxy Tab. 

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Okay so maybe it's time to really start using Google+ more. I really dig it but not a lot of my peeps are using it. 

Back to work ... :(

Heading down to the beach. It's a beautiful day in Myrtle Beach, SC
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