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Becky Scott
i live in the testosterone jungle.
i live in the testosterone jungle.

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Making cards using HP Photo Creations software & I'm surprised at how quick & painless it was.

(I am part of the HP Smart Mom panel & received printing supplies to create my cards.)

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Ha! This cracks me up.

Oh man. RIP Jan Hooks from SNL. The years she was on there, along with Phil Hartman, were some of the best.

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Aha! Just what I needed to know.
How to Setup a Google+ Hangout On Air

Hangouts On Air are a game changer.They've revolutionized communication across the internet because of the face-to-face interaction which accelerates the building of relationships and trust. This means businesses can reach their customers quickly and with authenticity.

This is the fourth article in my Cornerstone Series on Google+ Hangouts. Here, you're shown step-by-step, using detailed screen-shots, on how to setup a Hangout On Air and brand it correctly.

The next series of articles will look at the features and benefits of various Hangout On Air apps. We’ll start with the most important for branding purposes and that’s the Hangout “Lower Third”.

#hangoutsonair   #hangouts   #hoa  

I haven't been very social recently. I guess that's not so great when you're on social platforms, eh?

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Did I mention my new BFF, Neil deGrasse Tyson? No?

What an awesome guy. Lovely to talk to.

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Great info graphic about the news and social sharing.
How Social Media Spreads News [INFOGRAPHIC]

"Regardless of the number of social media platforms a business is on, the fact remains that social media has the power to change businesses. It can help business owners reach more customers, which in turn can increase profits. If you doubt this fact, you simply need to look at the statistics regarding social media.

Social media has made it possible for updates and posts that have gone viral to reach more people in a shorter amount of time. The following infographic from awoa gives examples of times that social media has helped spread the news."

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H/t +David Nagle

Join us tomorrow night (6pm) at i.d.e.a. in downtown San Diego for:

Social Media Roundtable Google+ Marketing 101 with +martin shervington 

About the event:
With 540 million monthly active users, Google+ is now the second most popular social media network on the Internet. Many marketers are integrating Google+ into their marketing strategy because of the channel’s impact on paid and organic search, email and display ads. In our first Social Media Roundtable, we are excited to have Martin Shervington, author of The Art and Science of Google+, reveal why every marketer should be using Google+ in 2014. Shervington will share how attendees can build authority on Google+ and how to leverage the channel to grow their business. 

Event Details
When: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: i.d.e.a. located at 444 W. Beech St. 4th Floor San Diego, CA 92101
Why: Learn how marketers are using Google+ to build their authority and grow their business
Cost: FREE

Light appetizers and refreshment will be provided.

Public parking is available on the corner of W. Beech Street and Union or further west on India and W. Beech Street. 

About the Speaker
Martin is the author of The Art and Science of Google+ and a marketing consultant. He coaches individuals and consults businesses on marketing, Google Adwords, Google+, and applies 15 years of psychology training to the field of marketing and communication. Using a blend of psychology and humor, he is a popular speaker and writer on communication, having also written several books on communication and coaching. 

Plus Your Business
Google+ Community: 
Google+ Profile:

About Social Media Roundtable
Social Media Roundtable is a group dedicated to getting like-minded people together in San Diego to share knowledge around social media. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just getting started, we’ll work to have something for all levels, with rotating content each month. We’re here to learn from each other!

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The pregame rivals +Sascha Goto & +Pepe Paez meet for the first time at #gsummit

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San Diego represent! #gsummit  

Always good to see +Stephanie Garcia :)
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