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Harry Stultiens
Lead the battle of business and at the same time be a succesful life artist
Lead the battle of business and at the same time be a succesful life artist


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Consultdustry Interim management Thailand & ASEAN region

Consultdustry Managers & Consultants is
• serving the Tech industry in Thailand and ASEAN region
to execute interim management contracts and an intermediary broker providing interim management services as well (visit, particular in;
• Executive Interim Management
Interim Chief Executive Officer, as statutory managing director or supervisor,
• Recovery Management (dilemma administration)
Crisis circumstance, save connection and values of a business,
• Turnaround Management
Urgent and high impact, prepared strategic modification of an operations as well as its organisation,
• Transition Management
Less urgent and also much less impact, primarily performing an adjustment of a division or division,
• Functional Management
Generally operational management, leading a section or division,
• Implementation Management
Implementing a modification and/or renovation, after an advised remedy,
• Project & Program Interim Management
See also our project management and temporary management activities; leading capital investment & structure, advancement & property development strategic & political trade jobs,
• Gap Interim Management
Added contents, flexible ability as well as experience/ knowledge,
• Start-up Management
Leading brand-new (uncommon) tasks.

Consultdustry Managers & Consultants offers Executive Interim Management, if wanted with affiliated partners, that undoubtedly have the ability to supply long-term results, as all of our interim mangers are;
• extremely seasoned, C-level executives,
• with professional skills and
• a tried and tested performance history,
• employed on an activity basis to address concerns,
• handling the day-to-day procedures,
• satisfying these line administration responsibilities,
• and also handling a duration of conversion or dilemma circumstance,
• for this duration acting supervisors are liable for executing an organized and also scheduled modification
• on a contract base that will absolutely be delimited by time and also will be specified goals to accomplish,
• in this interim management gives a much more affordable, practical and result driven remedy compared to consultancy.

Interim management is the fast offering of extremely experienced 'practical' executives for a defined time period making it feasible for firms to carry out change strategies, fill unpredicted gaps in a company, restructure business, turn-around underperforming jobs or departments or handle and also support a vital task. It is considerably acknowledged as one of among one of the most versatile as well fast as effective resourcing choices for instant accessibility to leading abilities and an effective option to basic resourcing as well as working as a specialist choices.

Harry Stultiens and his associates are “hands-on” interim managers; seasoned, very competent, hands-on useful executives with the capabilities and abilities to deliver a punctual and also long-lasting impact.

All professional interim managers have a proven track record of taking initiative, are organisationally conscious, with extraordinary job administration, communication and communication skills. Interim managers differ from advisors as well as professionals because of that they take executive obligation with a clear required to act upon the customer's behalf. Interim managers are generally smartly over-qualified for the acting task assignments they perform, too have a considerable functional and also market encounter, They have actually effectively resolved comparable issues to those encountered by their consumers.

The majority of the exec interim managers will have greater than 20 years of industry working encounter as well as some years on C-level and also past, and-- most important-- have in fact decided to end up being an independent acting supervisor as a career, that enables them to deploy their understanding, skills also their understanding throughout a selection of business setups.

Interim management is today generally acknowledged as a functional business option, fast to carry out as well as very efficient in various circumstances. And as all businesses, have to manage problems and problems outside their existing capability and/or their capacities as well would certainly need to transform and to improve on a high frequency compared to ever before, there is an expanding need for interim managers originating from basically all markets.

An interim manager might help within of high effect healing, planned transition or considerable renovations is needed while thinking that the functions can not be carried out as an obligation of any of the long-term supervisors. Interim management is mainly a mix of "unusual, high-risk and nasty" momentary managerial task.

Interim management solutions unite operational management, planning and also implement company changes and/or improvements, which can be categorized-- however is method it will be a merging of many managerial techniques-- such as;
• Executive Interim Management (interim Chief Executive Officer, statutory handling supervisor),
• Recovery Management (crisis administration),
• Turnaround Management,
• Transition Management,
• Functional Management,
• Implementation Management,
• Project & Program Interim Management,
• Gap Interim Management (competence & ability),
• Start-up Management.

Interim management can be a proper company remedies in unique scenarios, Some instances, whereby interim management can be used, are;
• Encourage, plan and implement critical changes as well as operations strategies,
• Underperforming businesses or divisions,
• Undergoing a merger and also acquisition or de-merger,
• Optimising, scaling down, or restructuring,
• Embarking into a significant program of cultural as well as organisational change,
• Recover failing tasks and/or programmes,
• Implementation jobs of new method, treatments & systems,
• Operations development projects, expansion into a new market,
• Factory and business relocation,
• Start-up or closing-down of a department,
• Setup as well as managing brand-new activities or a different project,
• Taking care of investment project,
• Sudden loss of a senior executive,
• Filling space when an irreversible location is difficult to fill up,
• Overstretched management,
• Handling quick development,
• Include management ability and understanding to existing management, set apart in emphasis,
• Consulting when requirement of (2nd) opinion,
• Preparing and also enhance advertising and marketing & online sales,
• Boost of labour performance,
• Enhance accountancy, lack of management info or fix backlogs,
• Filling gap when a long-term placement is tough to fill,
• Financial administration hazard to success, lack of money, solvency,
• Address management disputes, lack of acceptance/ support,
• Adjustment high team turn over or boost HRM personnels policy/ implementation,
• Run and restructuring under the bankruptcy regulation,
• Include expertise as a result of insufficient administration teams (internally concentrated, low result),
• Improve communication and also management information.

Firms dealing with change and need for improvements, must relocate promptly and also manage the threats, yet the resources of seasoned modification and renovation supervisors are tough to find, expensive as well as concessions generally cause delaying resolution of crucial issues. Qualified managers are limited as well as the old-fashioned recruitment and work approaches are too slow-moving and feature a high price tag. Interim Management Solutions as Consultdustry Managers & Professionals provides can increases the process as well as guarantee that a high level experienced acting manager can be contracted promptly.

Thus the primary advantage of interim management of Consultdustry is a business outcome caused by instantaneous accessibility to high calibre management executives. In this clients do state, that interim managers bring in value beyond the extent of the interim project.
In this the complying with advantages of interim administration are pointed out:
• as stated previously; speed of availability of high calibre management executives,
• results-driven, hands-on awareness administration,
• punctual long lasting end results,
• brand-new point of views,
• concentrate on goals & explicitness,
• objectivity (neutral) & independency (not side tracked by strong national politics),
• authority & experience (overqualified) gives results in effective performance,
• competence in change, consultatory as well as implementation management,
• task devotion, control & succession follow-up (protecting connection),
• adaptability and also scalability in capacity and accessibility to understanding,
• consists of worth adding to company property development,
• modifiable agreements,
• alreadying existing management could be excused and saved (long lasting written agreement and also placement),
• high worth for cash,

Consultdustry Mangers & Consultants offers interim management, more particular;
• Executive Interim Management (acting Chief Executive Officer, legal handling supervisor),
• Recovery Management (crisis administration),
• Turnaround Management,
• Transition Management,
• Functional Management,
• Implementation Management,
• Project & Program Interim Management,
• Gap Interim Management (proficiency & capacity),
• Start-up Management.

If interested and there is need for Interim Management in Thailand and the ASEAN region
• simply call us and get in contact with us -- for a free consult and/or sharing some thoughts.
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Opportunity Top Position - Construction Director - major Thai building / construction company

Attrative salary and benefits

-reporting to managing director
-lead operations of all projects
-responsible for overall P&L
-gives direction to specialist business unit heads
-manages existing clients expectations
-responsible and optimize overall manpower

-over 20 + years experience in Thailand managing civil construction projects
-proven trackrecord as senior project manager on large scale high rises, commercial and Oil & Gas
-excellent contract management skills
-fluent in Thai and English  
Apply here:
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Serving Tech Industry. Providing business development, exceptional resources, management & business soltions. Business consulting services - interim management - temporary management - staffing and recruitment - counseling - development - business transactions see
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Consultdustry Business Development Services a Global – ASEAN / Asia Network. Consultdustry offers intermediate services between East (Thailand – ASEAN / Asia Pacific area) and the West (Europe, America, Middle East, Oceania) brokerage as an mediator in business deals such as import & export, sourcing, start-ups and partnerships, knowledge transfer, investments and raising capital.  Consultdustry Business development
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Consultdustry Business Transactions Services:  We are business developers, brokers & connectors seving Tech Industry in ASEAN Market and international business development ventures, a Global - ASEAN network.
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PRESS RELEASE - Consultdustry Business Consulting serves Tech Industry in ASEAN and provides interim management, counseling, development programs and recruitment and has recently expand with a new ASEAN Business Transactions services which  includes; feasibility studies, business startups, local ASEAN sales representative,  (out)-sourcing & trade mediation, partnerships selection, mergers & acquisitions (m&a), business acquisitions and financial intermediation.
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Will Thailand forcasted GDP growth be a cover up and block real development or a foundation for more prosperity?

After years of disappointing growth, now World Bank predicts a growth of 3.5%.

Caused by declining global oil prices, higher revenues from tourism industry (but euro is now low so for Europeans TH is expensive), increased government’s spending and gradual increase of exports

But compare the GDP growth of the past years with some other ASEAN countries like Malaysia and Vietnam
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