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REEL CHAT Ep. 62 - "Moon" (2009)

Welcome to Episode 62 of Reel Chat – a fun-filled and informative movies podcast that guarantees week in, week out – the “Reel world as we know it.”

On this new installment of our “Vintage Vault” retrospective series, Reel Chat closes out 2016 with an in-depth look at one of the best films you’ve never seen – Duncan Jones’ 2009 British Science Fiction Drama – “Moon.”

Your host Adam Stolfo is joined by Andrew McCaskill, Matthew O’Neill and the returning Penny Jelly to discuss a near future where science and technology have once again revolutionised the world, but where the human species’ morality is questioned under the guise of a tormented soul. “Moon” is quite simply one this generation’s – and history’s – finest examples of Science Fiction done absolutely right… and that demanded the “Reel Chat” treatment.

As a debut film for director Duncan Jones, this film succeeds admirably, and throughout the course of the episode the guys (and girl) examine Sam Rockwell’s impeccable performance, it’s use of practical special effects, it’s cinema inspirations, it’s impressive DVD and Blu-Ray release as well as the captivating and emotional underscore of composer Clint Mansell.

Merry Christmas everyone! We’ll see you all in early 2017!
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REEL CHAT Ep. 61 - "Ghostbusters" (2016)

Who you gonna call!? Welcome back to Episode 61 of the returning (and apparently sorely missed) Reel Chat Podcast – a podcast that’s been rejigged and rebooted Hollywood-style – and makes it’s long anticipated return after a 6 month hiatus. It feels great to be back and the team can’t wait to get stuck into what will be a very exciting year of podcasting and cinema in 2017.

Your host Adam Stolfo is joined by the returning Andrew McCaskill, Reel Chat stalwart Matthew O’Neill and the very welcome newcomer Penny Jelly to tackle one of the most anticipated, yet least wanted reboots / remakes of all time – 2016’s “Ghostbusters” or alternatively “Ghostbusters: Answer The Call” as Sony Pictures has chosen to market it on it’s DVD and Blu-ray release.

Enjoy the return of their banter, as the Reel Chat team breaks down the film’s soul-destroying trailer, it’s underwhelming box office return, the huge Internet backlash and controversy over the all-female cast, whether or not director Paul Feig pulled off the required action, Theodore Shapiro’s choir-filled score, the in-your-face colour palette of the cinematography, all the cameos and nods to the original films… and last but not least, when all the dust has settled… is this film actually as bad as the Internet will lead you to believe?

A huge thank you to everyone who contacted us and willed Reel Chat back into existence. We hope you enjoy the show.



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