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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 99 better

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 69

I've been driven a bit made lately moving to a different hypervisor. We decided we didn't want to pay VMWare for ESXi, especially if we take account of our US setup, and that we wanted some cloud or IAAS style management in the future. So this lead me into investigating Xen and KVM.
In the end I decided on Xen because it was more mature...
I started by implementing Xen Cloud Platform 1.5, all nicely installed, I could use Cirtix's XenManager on it, and I installed the client. Then I discovered I couldn't pass the PCI SAS controller through to it. In fact I realized that it was a little bit hampered compared to general Xen documentation. So I thre it all out and went to raw Xen....
But I chose Debian as Dom0, apparently that isn't a great choice. I choose Debian because most of our systems our Debian, but I prefer Centos/Redhat, which apparently would have been the nice choice.
I've found that xm doesn't do all I need, eg I found it impossible to manage the number of CPUs, so I installed virtlib. I also didn't succeed in passing through that PCI card. It didn't seem to have the required support. I got close enough to see the card in the domU, but it couldn't do a SCSI reset, so that didn't work.
So I have resorted to block-attach (using xm). So far so good, hopefully it performs fast enough.

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I'm glad to see there is some sense around the place. As soon as I heard Prof Tim Flannery going on about Sydney's West being hotter over the last 40 years the obvious question was ' have you correrlated that with development in the region?' It sounds like Prof Hughes much more nicely has the same query.

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A good list of open source Cloud tools

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Great another Social Network to deal with!

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SOme great ideas on improving Google+ usage.
Tip for Nonprofit Brands: Presence on Google + = better google search results

My colleague +Jonathon Colman pointed me to this article about the value proposition of being on Google + -

Google has launched "Search Your World" see: +Danny Sullivan post here:

Anyway, just setting up account won't do it, you have optimize your account in 8 areas:

Optimize your Google+ profile
Optimizing your Circles
Format your posts headlines (add asterisks before/after your title)
Create compelling content
Share compelling content
Optimize the +1 button
Confirm ownership of your site/account
Confirm authorship

Here's how to differentiate your google + content:

Create a content schedule – You don’t have to write a full blown article each time you post…but you should schedule one in once a week.

Share videos and photos – But explain in a paragraph or two why you are sharing the content. Don’t forget your headlines!

Conduct surveys – Engage your audience with a little survey. Start the survey off with your question as the headline…then explain in a few short paragraphs why you are asking the question.
Use it as a niche blog – Use your Google+ content to focus on a topic you’ve wanted to explore…but you could never find a good reason to do it on your blog.

Some news of mobile use in India

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Yii Framework - PHP framework. Does generate CRUD code for database access, which might make it useful. Seems fairly complete framework. Is it RESTful?
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