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Good morning.
A revised British Standard – BS 6798: 2014  – has been released which deals with 'domestic' boilers. Here, I provide a general overview of the changes in the 2014 Standard compared to that of the 2009 version, which has been withdrawn.

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Morning to you all. I have some important news today for those of us who work within the gas industry.

Gas Safe Register has, as of 2nd June 2014 released a 'DRAFT for Comment' of the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GIUSP) – 7th Edition.

This industry procedure guides gas engineers in classifying and dealing with gas appliances and gas installations that are unsafe, or that have the potential to be unsafe.

The Working Group (made up of industry experts) has reviewed the current procedure and has made several changes to strength the safety message to gas users in not using 'unsafe' gas appliances/installations.

The changes, including the reasons behind them can be viewed on Gas Safe's website (see the link below), along with a response form for those of you who wish to comment on the draft changes to the GIUSP.

All comments must be submitted using the 'comments form' - downloaded from the website along with the draft - and be received by Gas Safe Register by the 11th July 2014.

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Morning. Have you heard of the term 'ErP'? Do you know what it is and how it will impact on you if you buy/install appliances and controls?

Well if you do you can carry on with your day unfettered. For those who don't however, Baxi has provide some useful guidance on ErP: what it means, what's involved and when it will be applied, etc.

Baxi have also included on their website a handy and free to download single page pdf providing an overview of ErP, which will be helpful for both you and your customer's in understanding this forthcoming Directive.

Click on the link should you want to know more.

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For all tradesman who work on construction sites (new build and refurb), this short video from the HSE and their 'Safer sites initiative 2013' reminds us how seriously wrong things can turn when simple safety practices aren't adhered to - keep safe and return home to the ones you love.

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Good afternoon to you all. We have some updates for you today from Gas Safe Register, the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

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Gas Safe Register has released Safety Alert 014 'Clesse Compact 800 Automatic Changeover Regulator – Recall', which is issued 28th April 2014.

The safety alert concerns a recall notice from Clesse (UK) Ltd for their Compact 800 changeover regulator manufactured during 2013 and some uncertainty over long term stability/reliability.

The safety alert relates to the Compact 800 changeover regulator manufactured during 2013 ONLY.

Clesse (UK) Ltd will arrange for a free replacement of affected regulators, where these are identified - details of how to identify affected regulators, including what action to take is included in the safety alert.

Those registered engineers who work with/on LPG installations should obtain a copy of Safety Alert 014 and implement its recommendations.

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It's rather quiet on the return to this shortened working week – hope you all had a nice bank holiday – but there is a very small update from Gas Safe Register on their Technical Bulletin (TB) 112 'Obtaining meter index readings for gas rating on electronic and SMART gas meters'.

TB112 was issued 28th March 2014 and replaced the previous versions printed December 2011, which was withdrawn – the outline of this TB was covered in our Industry Update – W/C 31st March (the link to the post is provided here).

However, TB112 has been updated again in the last two weeks with a newer version being published 17th April 2014.

The latest update to the TB sees additional text being provided via Note 3 and a new Note 4 to the procedure discussed for the Liberty EG4v 10 SMART meter (produced by Secure Meters (UK)) and the information that will be displayed where the gas user has low credit.

At this stage it is unclear as to what Gas Safe Register intends to do with the TB produced in March of this year – one would assume it will be withdrawn, but strangely the latest TB only reiterates that the 2011 version is withdrawn whilst quietly ignoring March's version.

Regardless, registered gas engineers/businesses should obtain the latest version of this TB by login into their online account and accessing the technical area of the website -

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We have another update from Gas Safe Register to start off this Bank Holiday week - Industry Standard Update 046, which introduces a new Standard for the training of gas engineers.

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I have a small update from Gas Safe Register who have issued a revised Safety Alert 011 for registered gas engineers.

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Having a your say features this week, with a couple of public consultations being released by the HSE and MCS – short intro to each consultation is provided here.
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