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Christopher B. Wright
Author, Musician, Occasional Cartoonist, Scoundrel, Wit
Author, Musician, Occasional Cartoonist, Scoundrel, Wit

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Today's Help Desk: Other Duties As Assigned

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In today's Help Desk we get to meet "Mitch."

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Only crossover I ever did. Amazing fun, though. 
Today in GPF History: Fooker's pirated, "bug free" version of Nifty Doorways finds its way to the Internet...

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In today's Help Desk, Mark is given the number of a new potential ally. 

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In today's Help Desk, Mark receives some very unsatisfying advice.

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In today's Help Desk Mark reaches out to old colleagues for advice.

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New Help Desk: Delivering to Spec

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Help Desk returns for 2017! Today's comic is called "Special Files."

Hey those of you who are using #Drupal -- specifically, any of you who have managed to migrate from a Drupal 7 to a Drupal 8 site -- I could really use some advice.

So here's the thing. is currently a Drupal 7 site that makes heavy use of Views and Pages to segment my content into different types (articles, comics, fiction, podcasts). I figure the best way to migrate to D8, given that many of the modules I use aren't converted yet, is to migrate the base database into D8 and find new ways to "build around" that content.

So I set up a test D8 site and imported my D7 database into it. And on a very superficial level, it SEEMS to work. All my content is in there. It doesn't have site navigation or anything useful like that, but the data is in fields in a database on a D8 installation. Great.

The problem is that none of it will show up. When I click on an article (generic drupal 7 article, basically title-image-content) it will only display the title, image, and any comments -- the body text will not display. It's in the post--when I edit the article, everything is there--and when I look in the article content type I can see that the body field is included in the display, and it seems to be configured correctly, but it just doesn't show up.

Does anyone know why?

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Curveball Issue 31: A Trumpet Sounds, is now up on my site!

It's definitely not the Christmas issue!
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