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Christopher B. Wright
Author, Musician, Occasional Cartoonist, Scoundrel, Wit
Author, Musician, Occasional Cartoonist, Scoundrel, Wit


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An innocent game on Twitter uncovers the origin story of a fiendish mastermind.

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Pleased to announce that A Rake by Starlight Chapter 25 is finally up!

WHEREIN Offers Are Made, And Refusal Is Not Up For Consideration

Android question!

Default behavior for the location mode toggle is that when you turn it on it defaults to high accuracy mode. If you want to set location to battery saving you have to long press the toggle to bring up the settings page, then manually select battery saving mode.

Is there any easy way to switch to battery saving mode? A toggle specifically for that?

Just wondering.

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Artemis LaFleur meets the Chairman of Haruspex Analytics in Curveball Issue 33: The Abyss Gazes Back

Hi all, I'm currently using KDE Neon User Edition and would like to move one laptop over to dev-stable. Is there an easy or recommended way to do that? I know the FAQ recommends installing Neon directly (i.e., not upgrading through apt) but I'm kind of hoping that's not as much of an issue if you're already running one version and want to move over to another.

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Hey Space Opera fans!

A RAKE BY STARLIGHT Chapter 24 is now up!

WHEREIN A Lack of Good Options Makes A Bad One Look Better

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"I understand the point, but it’s clear what he was trying to say with the aforementioned statements—even the parts he was referring to—and, um, I’m sorry, you can’t just pretend otherwise."
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