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I always said I was the 4th +Beastie Boys and always said I could hear them sneak my name "zane!" once on every album. LOL.
Their music has changed my mind, when I heard them first time. Thanks for that!
I can keep my soul live, same like then! 26 years later.
RIP MCA. Thx guys you change my life. with your music I buy my turntable and my mixer to beggin scratch ,hip hop and Dj life.
You stay in our mind and on my turntables. ;)
Beasties 4 life.....r. I. P. Mca u guys have been such an insperation to me since 85. Keep kicking that ass. No one goes as hard as the beasties...
Wuz up, my favorite songs of yours are totally NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN and DON'T PLAY NO GAME THAT I CAN'T WIN.
     Rest in peace MCA.
Always and always will love your music,and now my 3 boys 18 months,7 and 9 love it to the 18 month old favorite is egg man mine to
Peace to you and yours
Pitty you've taken the short version out... not many people have the time to watch this whole version, you know...though awesome and all..
Dear beastie boys 26000 rare pashmina goats died in kashmir india few days before due to starvation I have come to loss Angles to raise cry will you help campaighn 
uhhhhh uhhhhhh NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like too say noting whith more ;)
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