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We have a pitch/explanation for Seaworthy!

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Can't believe it, we're featured on RPS!

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New Battle screen shots! For
4 Photos - View album

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We are launching our Kickstarter on February 4th!

We also added a new blog post on our website talking about the kickstarter and our progress: 

We also just added 4 new screenshots of the games current status

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Progress! Delays! Website!

Our website is finally live, (  check it out. Our blog there explains gameplay much better for anyone who is interested.

So... that teaser trailer that I was talking about... keeps getting delayed, but progress has been made. The filming of the trailer is done, were still working on incorporating sound effects though. It should be done by next saturday for sure, probably earlier. For now check out these new gifs showing off a new death animation and some of the various jobs on the ship. 

Don't slip, a short clip from our teaser trailer --(

A closer look at the navigation room -- (

Your ship is sinking -- (

A closer look at the bilge pump room, this is how you get water out of the ship -- (

If you would like to find out more about Seaworthy or join our mailing list, please don't hesitate to drop us an email!

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We're making progress. The making of this trailer keeps getting delayed, but next week we should definitely have it up along with our website. For now though, here are some nice pics/gifs to show off some of the new things that have be added or refined.

-Death, Damage, and Dolphins (  (No Doplhins were harmed in the making of this gif)

-We've added drug use to the game as an idle animation - (

-New updated battle scene pic (

-Shouldn't have eaten that  (

-In the days before radar (

Slightly longer description. Let us know how it sounds   
What is seaworthy? A real time strategy roguelike pirate adventure game with  tons of replayability. We are placing you in the control of a captain and his ship. See just what being a pirate is all about: chaos, death and a constant struggle to stay afloat. Face varieties of crazy encounters and navigate through our open world consisting of procedurally generated maps and quests. Command your men where to go and what to do, react to various encounters, and outfit your ship however you see fit, do whatever is necessary and keep sailing. When you’re not fighting for your lives, you’ll have to make moral, tactical, and economic decisions about what risks to take, what sacrifices to make, and what adventures to pursue. Every playthrough will involve unique combinations of encounters, characters, and adventures to create a fresh feel that will remain fun for hours on end. Do you have what it takes to be seaworthy?

Album from last week about lamps -( The first image is a gif of the lamp turning on, the rest of the album are just images.

The pirate razee with animating sails from last week (

If you would like to find out more about Seaworthy or join our mailing list, please don't hesitate to drop us an email!
[Twitter]( | [Facebook]( | [Google+]( | Email:

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A look at the game in action, free of bugs(for now...)!
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