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Divi was released in 2013 and for me, it was love at first sight.
Here was a truly drag and drop page builder theme that allowed you to create just about any page layout that you could think of and add fabulous functionality, without ever touching a single line of code.

Divi soon became Elegant Themes #1 theme, outselling all their other themes combined and at the moment Divi is… the most popular WordPress theme in the world!

But the Divi theme that you see today is not the Divi theme that was released in 2013, it’s evolved from its humble beginnings and it is now faster, more powerful and much easier and more satisfying to use.

In this post I’ll set out my five key landmarks that took Divi from being an innovative backend page builder to the most popular WordPress theme in the world.
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A quick post to announce the 10th anniversary of Elegant Themes and their huge 20% discount sale!

That’s right folks, Elegant Themes have been in business for ten years and to celebrate their 10th anniversary they have launched a huge 20% discount sale.

The Elegant Themes story started in 2008 with Nick Roach as the only member of staff and they progressed, via the birth of Divi, to a point where they now have 71 employees in 20 countries.

The big breakthrough came in 2013, with the release of the Divi theme, as Nick says:

“2013 was the year that changed everything. After 4 years of building a new theme almost every month, we decided to make a radical shift and stop theme production for over 6 months while the whole team focused on what would soon become the future of the company: Divi.
After the release of Divi 1.0, it was clear that we were on to something big.”

The evolution of Elegant Themes has been a great success story and now you can share in their celebrations with a whopping 20% discount on themes and plugins.
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The great strength of Divi is that you can produce fabulous looking, feature rich websites… without ever touching a single line of code.

Of course, if you do know a little CSS, you can get even more creative because when using the Divi Builder, every module, row and section can be customised using your own CSS rules.

The problem with CSS is that if you aren’t using it all the time, you quickly forget the syntax and have to keep looking it up.

But finally you can say goodbye to forgetting that pesky CSS syntax because Divi now has a fully-featured code editor that makes writing and editing code so much easier and enjoyable.

The code editor comes with syntax highlighting, error reporting, autocomplete, colour picking, multi-line select, search, find and replace and more!
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I’ve always said that Divi is the best documented theme on the web, and that documentation has just got even better.

Divi’s documentation is made up of videos, text documents, graphics, screenshots and links to live examples of Divi’s features and Elegant Themes have now added 70+ new Divi Video Tutorials plus the Divi Builder Helper.

The 70+ new Divi Video Tutorials are a complete update of existing videos for the Divi Visual Builder and they include all of the latest Divi functionality and updates.

The Divi Builder Helper allows you to access the Divi Help System, including all the new instructional videos, organized and accessible from right inside the Divi Builder.
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It’s finally here folks, the feature that the Divi community has been asking for… Shape Dividers for Sections.
No more boring horizontal junctions between sections, Shape Dividers will allow you to add stunning transitions between blocks of content, with just a few mouse clicks.

The Shape Dividers can be placed above and / or below each section on a page, there are 26 different shapes to choose from and each shape can be flipped, resized, repeated, combined and customised to create a vast array of designs.
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The latest release of Divi makes website creation so much quicker and easier.

It comes with over 140 beautifully designed premade layouts that you can browse, search and import onto your pages… without ever leaving the Divi Builder.

The layouts are organized into complete website packs (seven to eight pages per pack) that you can use to create your website with just a few mouse clicks.

And the layouts are filled with high quality original photography and illustrations that you are free to use on all of your commercial and non-commercial projects.

The layouts can be viewed, searched and sorted using the new Divi Layout Manager and new layouts are being added every week!
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Divi has always been ahead of the crowd when it comes to Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders but when it introduced the Visual Builder, it left the competition in its wake.

The Divi Visual Builder allows you to create and edit pages on the actual page and see the result almost instantaneously.
The first time you use the Visual Builder you really will believe that you’re in the world of “WordPress magic”.

But Elegant Themes haven’t been complacent and taken their marked dominance for granted, they’ve continually updated and improved the Visual Builder and added Community Driven new features.

In this post I’ll take a look at the latest improvements / updates and explain what each adds to the ease of use and effectiveness of the Visual Builder.
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One of the great strengths of Divi is that you don’t have to bother with creating a mock-up of your site, you can jump straight into Divi and start creating.

And the process has just got a whole lot more creative with the latest Divi feature update, which comes with a full range of visual adjustment tools including colour filters, effects and blend modes that can be applied to any image and all Divi modules, rows and sections.

To use these new features, a new options group and a collection of custom controls have been added to all Divi modules, rows and sections that make it easy to make colour adjustments, apply stylistic effects and blend elements together on the page.

Now you can create stunning depth-of-field effects that really bring your pages to life, without having to play around with Photoshop or compromise the integrity of your original image.
And as an added bonus, there is now no need to use super-big transparent PNG images that take forever to load.
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Fonts and font pairings are the unsung heroes of web design.
We all take them for granted, but they can make or break the appearance of your pages and posts.

Fortunately, Divi’s latest feature update makes it easier than ever to find both the perfect fonts and the perfect font pairings.

This latest update comes with: a new font options interface, 600 new fonts, improved font management, custom font uploading, new font styles, better font weight controls, fine-tuned heading style management, heading level selection and lots of new design options for the text module.

With Divi’s awesome new font features you’ll be able to match fonts to the style of your pages and posts and add a little SEO value at the same time.
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It’s not enough to get visitors to your website… you have to keep them there.
You have to make your site so visually appealing that visitors want to stay and that’s where Divi’s latest design features come to your assistance.
Divi’s latest features include: Box Shadows, Text Shadows and Advanced Border Options, which when used alone, or in combination, allow you to produce truly amazing visual effects.
And don’t worry, you don’t need to know any CSS because these effects can all be produced via easy to use option panels that provide you with immediate visual feedback, when used with the Divi Visual Builder.
These are great tools that allow you to give full rein to your artistic skills and create… not code.
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