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They do say that the web never sleeps but not only does it never sleep, it constantly changes, evolves and reinvents itself.
And that’s why you should be using a WordPress theme that keeps up with these changes and allows you to take advantage of cutting edge developments.
To keep you up to date and to make sure that you have the latest WordPress resources at your fingertips, Elegant Themes have set out a five-point plan to make Divi the “theme to beat” in 2017.
In this post, I’ll run through their 2017 initiatives and provide you with a few links, which will help you keep up with developments.
Why you should be using Divi in 2017 - Elegant Themes cutting edge five-point plan for keeping Divi ahead of the crowd in 2017
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Keith Davis

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Since its release in December 2013, Divi has not only become Elegant Themes’ bestselling theme, it’s also become one of the most popular WordPress themes of all time.
And it’s easy to see why.
Divi allows you to create the website of your dreams, without touching a single line of code, using the drag-and-drop interface of the Divi Builder.
You can use the Divi Builder in your WordPress dashboard or on the actual pages of your website and the result is a site that is 100% responsive and looks good on desktop, tablet and smartphone.
But just a minute, aren’t drag-and-drop themes bloated with code, which leads to slow load times and doesn’t that have an impact on your search engine optimisation results?
The quick answer is that Divi is in no way bloated with code, this Divi site is one of my fastest loading sites and my SERPS results knock spots off most of my competitors.
For a more detailed answer read on dear friends… read on.
Divi theme, Page Speed and SEO - how to produce fast page speeds and awesome Search Engine Optimisation results using the Divi theme
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Keith Davis

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If you missed out on the Divi / Elegant Themes Black Friday sale, don’t worry because you can get the same deals with the Cyber Monday Sale!
The sale is already underway and it’s being extended until the Elegant Themes team get back from WordCamp US, on the 6th Dec.
This is a great deal for both new members and existing members with 25% discount on all new memberships and all account upgrades.
Check below for details of the deals and links that will take you straight to these fabulous offers.
Divi Cyber Monday sale - great savings on new accounts and account upgrades in this Divi / Elegant Themes extended Cyber Monday sale
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Keith Davis

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When it comes to WordPress themes and frameworks, I’ve been around the block a few times but I’ve always ended up back with Genesis and Genesis child themes.

Even as I write this post, I’m reminded how lean and mean it is and how I always hit that update button without having to close my eyes and cross my fingers.

In this post, I’ll share with you why Genesis was my first love and why it still continues to excite and entice me.
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Keith Davis

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When designing web pages, it’s easy to get carried away with content and forget about the areas around your content, the whitespace, the empty space.
The right amount of whitespace makes your content easy on the eye, shows it to best advantage and leads your visitors effortlessly from section to section.
Lack of whitespace presents your visitors with information overload at best and makes your page almost impossible to read at worst.
Fortunately, Divi has always allowed you to set margin and padding values, via the Settings panels, and Divi 3.0’s Visual Builder makes it even easier.
You can still access the Settings panels whilst working with the Visual Builder but in addition you can now drag to increase or decrease the padding of Rows and Sections, which increases or decreases the element’s width and height.
In this post I’ll remind you how to access an elements Settings panel to change margin and padding values, show you how to use draggable padding for Sections and Rows and introduce you to a few Hotkeys that make using draggable padding even easier.
Divi Visual Builder draggable widths and heights - creating whitespace has never been easier with the Visual Builder's draggable widths and heights
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Keith Davis

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I’m still getting to know the Divi Visual Builder but already, one of the features that I’ve fallen in love with is the Editing History panel.
The Editing History panel is part of the Page Settings and it shows a list of all your editing actions for that particular session.
It has settings, which allow you to undo and redo or you can scroll up and down your editing history and jump directly to a particular point in time.
The default WordPress dashboard doesn’t allow you to easily move forwards and backwards in your editing history, so I for one welcome this great feature.
In this post, I’ll show you how to access the Editing History panel via the page settings and run through the various ways you can use it to undo, redo and jump around in your editing history.
Divi Visual Builder Editing History panel - one click control of your editing history with the Visual Builder Editing History panel
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Keith Davis

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Congratulations, you’ve just bought the Divi theme and you’re all set to create the website that you’ve always promised yourself.
But then what?
A few sites for relatives and friends, maybe the odd site for non-profits that you’re associated with?
I guess that’s what most people do after they’ve bought Divi, and that’s fine, but you’ve just bought the best drag and drop page builder theme on the planet… and you could be doing so much more.
Today I’m going to share with you what Geno Quiroz did after he bought the Divi theme.
Hopefully it will give you a few ideas, provide you with inspiration and open your eyes to the power of Divi.
So you've bought the Divi theme... now what? - advice and inspiration on what to do once you've bought the Divi theme by Elegant Themes
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Keith Davis

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You may have missed the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Divi / Elegant Themes offers, but don’t worry because here at divithemeUK we have a permanent 10% off discount.
The deal applies to both new memberships (Developer license only) and account upgrades and you can take advantage of it anytime you like.
Membership covers access to Elegant Themes’ entire collection of Themes, including their flagship theme Divi, and they offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
If you’re looking to take out a new membership or upgrade your existing membership, then all you have to do is click the big green buttons below and receive your 10% discount.
Divi / Elegant Themes 10% off deal - get 10% off new memberships and account upgrades with this fabulous permanent discount deal!
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Keith Davis

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It’s here folks, the Elegant Themes huge Black Friday sale for 2016, which starts at 12:00am on Friday November 25th, and lasts until Sunday night.
They are offering 25% OFF all purchases and giving away thousands of bonus prizes to the first customers who sign up.
And everyone who purchases via the Black Friday discount will also get the Elegant Themes exclusive Divi Black Friday Layout pack, which is designed in the spirit of Black Friday to create high converting sales pages.
Check below for details of the deals and links that will take you straight to these fabulous offers.
Divi / Elegant Themes Black Friday sale - 25% off everything, fabulous bonus prizes and a free layout pack in the Divi / Elegant Themes Black Friday sale
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Keith Davis

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These are the latest Genesis child themes from StudioPress. They’re built on Genesis 2.0, come with HTML5 and markup and are all mobile responsive.

HTML5 markup
HTML5 markup makes your website future compatible, improves cross-browser compatibility and makes your site truly mobile-friendly. If you want to know more take a look at Top ten reasons to use HTML5 right now. markup allows you to classify the most important and defining elements on your pages and posts. This enhances your site’s search results display by allowing the search engines to add extra data. For a great explanation check out Joost de Valk’s article & Genesis 2.0.

The themes can be bought individually or you can buy them all, plus all future StudioPress themes, for a one-off payment with the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Themes Package.

At the moment there are forty HTML5 ready themes (plus the Genesis theme framework), but StudioPress are releasing new themes on a regular basis… so keep checking back.
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Keith Davis

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Divi already has a great set of responsive editing controls for desktop, tablet and smartphone, but the introduction of the Visual Builder has taken the use of those controls to a whole new level.
Divi’s responsive editing controls were introduced in Divi 2.6 and they allow you to assign different sizing and spacing values for each device / breakpoint.
All Modules, Rows and Sections were also given a new “Disable On” setting that allows you to disable the element on smartphones, tablets and/or desktop computers.
The new Visual Builder allows you to use all the existing responsive editing controls but it shows you the results of your edits in real-time and on the actual page.
In this post, I’ll remind you of Divi’s existing responsive editing controls and show you how to use them in conjunction with the Visual Builder in order to get instant feedback and make responsive editing a whole lot easier.
Divi visual builder responsive design - the Divi visual builder with its on-page editing will take your responsive design to the next level
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Keith Davis

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I keep telling everyone that they’ll love the Divi 3.0 Visual Builder, but what if I’m wrong and when you try it, you decide that front-end editing isn’t for you?
Fortunately Elegant Themes have come up with a solution.
They’ve set up a free Divi 3.0 demo site where you can play with the Visual Builder to your heart’s content, without wreaking havoc on your own site.
It’s a great idea but playing with a demo site can be a tad uninspiring because you’re only playing, you’re not doing it for real and you lack direction.
So in this post I’ll introduce you to the demo site, run through the basic building blocks (Sections, Rows and Modules) used to create a page using the Divi Builder and to give you a little direction, I’ll set you three tasks to complete on the demo site.
And don’t worry, you can’t do any damage so let rip, have a good time and see what front-end editing is all about!
Divi Visual Builder demo site - take the Divi 3.0 Visual Builder for a test drive on the free demo site and discover the joys of on-page editing
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