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Relight, a New HDR iOS Application
For the last two months I have had the pleasure and privilege to beta test Relight . During that time the application underwent many changes and from what I have been told by the developers at Code Organa, there are a few more additions coming real soon in ...

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The ShoulderPod R1 Pro is Coming
Last year, Enrique and his design team introduced us to their successful ShoulderPod S1 3-in-1 Smartphone Grip ( link to my review ). Now they have developed the Shoulder R1 Pro Smartphone Grip for the mobile photographer, filmmakers, journalists and travel...

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OlloClip 3-in-1 Macro Lens system for the iPhone 6/6Plus
OlloClip graciously sent me their entire line of lenses for the iPhone 6/6 Plus for testing and I was very keen on trying out the macro 3-in-1 as I had not used it before. I was also curious as to how OlloClip solved the iPhone’s lens now projecting beyond ...

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Knowing When to Continue and When to Stop
When it comes to abstract painting, there is always a challenge for the artist to know when a painting is finished or it still needs additional work. Such is the case with the painting I spoke of in my last post and now titled “Bruised Chaos.” After seeing ...

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An Accidental Discovery Leads to Painting
In my previous post I spoke of finding my adventure to Mare Island and the realistic abstract images I discovered and how they served as training the eye in composition and as inspiration toward another form of medium, such as painting. So four weeks ago, w...

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When Photographs Seek Alternative Mediums
Last month on April 21, was The iPhone Art’s third anniversary, a moment that just went by without much fanfare and that is all right. At some point one no longer counts the birthdays or anniversaries, rather just enjoys the moment. While a number of iPhone...

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First Friday of the Month - Brussels HipstaPak Revisited
Earlier this month I reviewed the HipstaPak Brussels and despite my few reservations, I had recommended the lens and film combo. I still stand firm on my review, so why am I revisiting this HipstaPak? Just because I have reviewed an item, it does not mean I...

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Experimental Photography - A Book Review
The title is somewhat misleading, considering that a good portion of the book introduces the reader to numerous first techniques available for processing images more than a century ago. Never-the-less, there are plenty of examples of creating your one-of-a-...

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First Friday of the Month - Brussels HipstaPak
San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge I have been having a Love - Hate relationship with Hipstamatic’s ‘First Friday of the Month’ HipstaPak releases, but April’s offering is certainly better then last month’s Versailles HipstaPak, with the Savannah lens and Lui...

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Passport to My Neighborhood — Relations between Fine Art Photography and Mobile Photography
When one views traditional fine art photography, there is a specific style and subject matter that has changed very little since the origins of the medium. However with the introduction of mobile photography, the traditional genre of fine art photography, h...
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