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7 Sticky Notes
Fun, interactive, powerful and cool Sticky Notes for your Desktop!
Fun, interactive, powerful and cool Sticky Notes for your Desktop!


Hello there everyone!! Just passing by to let you know that I was out traveling for the last week and a 1/2, so I couldn't really reply the e-mails.
But now I am back! And will reply them all (probably until the end of the week) and release the first beta, as there seems to be a small bug on the configs reported by a few of you that just installed v1.9 from v1.8 (will look into it before anything).
Thanks, and keep tuned!! :)
Best Regards, Fabio
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Hello everyone, I have great news!
I am happy to announce you that the new version 1.9 of 7 Sticky Notes is now officially released!! :)
This version comes with many new features (like password, lock, hide, hyperlink, tabbing, etc), many improvements and a fully refreshed website and documentation! It is by far the best version ever :)
So please go to the new and updated download page, and download it right away!
Hope you like it :)
- Fabio
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Brand new 7 Sticky Notes cover and profile photos! :)
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Happy New Year everyone! Just dropping by to wish you all a great, successful and happy year new of 2013!! :)
Btw, we're at the final documentation (with some new nice website redesigns finished) and translation scripts updating step (a great thank you for the ones helping!), until the official release of v1.9! ;)
Keep tuned, and Happy New Year!
Cheers - Fabio
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Merry Christmas everyone!! Just passing by to get you a wish of a very Happy Christmas and a great holidays for everyone there all around the world!!
Btw - pfew - keep tuned, last minute preparations for v1.9, 2012 is the line, getting work done ;)
Cheers! - Fabio
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Hello there! Just passing by to say that we have the last official beta out until v1.9!! :)
Introducing the very requested new "Lock Notes" and "Password Protection" features, these are exciting new nice improvements for 7 Sticky Notes! This beta 1.9f is available at the download page of 7 Sticky Notes - - any beta testing is greatly welcome, and hope you like it! :) - Fabio
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Hello there everyone! Been a bit away because there are many things being worked on to release the new v.1.9, now in a couple of weeks!! And meanwhile, I would like to announce that a new beta is out, with the new "Lock Note" feature, as requested by many of you!! The beta link is at the download page here - Please test it if you can, there are going to be a lot of new stuff, so keep tuned!! :) - Fabio
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Hello everyone many news, firstly I am pleased to announce the 2 new and cool 7 Sticky Notes translations: French from France and French from Canada!! :)
All the thanks and credits here for Pascal and Jean-Guy, you guys did a great job and contribution with these 7 Sticky Notes translations! - great kudos in name of everyone :)
And secondly, all of this in a new fresh beta, available at the website now, with nice improvements and features and getting closer to the next official release! :)
Download it at
Thanks! - Fabio
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Hello everyone, good news we have a new 7 Sticky Notes beta version 1.9c !! :)
This is mainly an improvement release, with some important fixes and internal program optimizations (including fixing a note text drag issue), which means that this beta nicely makes 7 Sticky Notes even more stable ;)
Download link available at the 7 Sticky Notes download website page at, hope you enjoy 7 Sticky Notes, and thanks!! :) - Fabio
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Great news everyone! Celebrating the new 7 Sticky Notes 300 facebook fans (who-hoo!!!) I am happy to announce that not only all e-mails are now answered, but also that we have a new beta version v1.9b released! :D
With new cool features such as hyperlinks, notes tabbing, and others, it is available for testing right now at!
Thanks everyone, and enjoy 7 Sticky Notes! :) - Fabio
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