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Hello everyone, I have great news!
I am happy to announce you that the new version 1.9 of 7 Sticky Notes is now officially released!! :)
This version comes with many new features (like password, lock, hide, hyperlink, tabbing, etc), many improvements and a fully refreshed website and documentation! It is by far the best version ever :)
So please go to the new and updated download page, and download it right away!
Hope you like it :)
- Fabio
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hey it he1ps me a10t with my w0rk
Thanks Rain Mandy!! :) I am happy to know that you like 7 Sticky Notes, and hope you enjoy using it :) - Fabio
Hello Fábio!! I am happy to hear that you like 7 Sticky Notes !! I tried in the begining to have a Linux version, but as 7 Sticky Notes is build using Microsoft programming, the only way to make it run under Linux was to use Wine - which at the time had some glitches. You can give it a try, a lot has changed in 7 Sticky Notes from back then, and maybe Wine improved a little the libraries handling.. if you need some help let me know.
Apart from that hope you enjoy 7 Sticky Notes ! :)
Abraços - Fabio Martin
Perfeito seria mesmo nativo, mas vou experimentar.

Muito sucesso e muita gente aguarda a versão de Linux. :-P
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