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"be open like a child"
"be open like a child"

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This year there are a lot of berries on my red gooseberry bush. Enough for jam?! ;))
I am really enjoying this Summer.

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"Stolen" from that faceplace; it sure sounds good :D
A good week to everyone. 

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Sharing publicly my run results from yesterday.
Today is rest day - which meant walking 6 km instead of running chuckle
Have a good week :D 
10km run. Missing just 2 minutes to equal personal record. Was only running fast on second half of distance as I realised the good overall time.
Aim was just to run the distance.
Feels good to catch up to the times I had before the winter break. 

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There is a little bird in the tree. hiding from the heat and sun at the pool.

Have a good weekend everyone - I am enjoying the rain after weeks of sun.

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Spam in G+

worth a read

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hazy skyline view in Dubai ...................

#vacation #joinindaily

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Inspiration does not come with procrastination, or?

No matter if writer's block,
no ideas
or the feeling as if you have already done ever idea you had -

if you do not attempt to do more,
you will never get any new thing done.........

Or something like that ;)

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Been on vacation for a bit over a week. back home now again;
sorting through my photos - will share some the coming days
(at least - that is the plan)

Have a good weekend everyone :D


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Wonderful song <3
♥... Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ...♥

just ...
the Greatness and Beauty of simplicity ...

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