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There is much talk about #evolution   but I agree with scientists like +Frans de Waal that most of us overlook many of the implications of evolution for human nature and the origins of our social behavior and #morality  .  Science is showing that what we commonly refer to as moral decision-making is more deeply-rooted in the brain than traditional philosophers and social activists would prefer. 
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A lesson in (not) listening by way of some Java  #geekhumor  
Programmers' wife :D 
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An interesting map of the United States shared by +Olga Khazan   at  +The Atlantic compares per-state #lifeexpectancy with that of other countries around the world. An encouraging sign of how advances in health care and policy are benefiting many around the world as well as a reality check on any supposed superiority of the US health care system and lifestyle choices.
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A link to the orignal article on #stress levels by #generation from the +American Psychological Association . It is not too surpirsing that  work, money and #jobsecurity are the biggest concerns of the younger generations, all of which are more immediate and urgent than the other issues on the horizon. Will these same stressors continue to spread into the older generations?
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A post by +Morgan Housel at the +Motley Fool mourns the demise of long-term thinking in business and finance. Some recent reading I have done on #economicdevelopment and economic history make me think this is a symptom of an evolving social dynamic that will only become apparent in retrospection some time in the future.
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Wishing this were an #aprilfools joke. Is #incomeinequality or #instantgratification the problem?
+Business Insider #retirementcrisis  
April is Financial Literacy Month (and dreaded...
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Many of the Seniors who live on s.s are having a rough time living on their 1check. Many worked for years with out 401's .
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Another article on the impending #retirementcrisis in the USA. You don't need to read too deeply to note the undercurrent of #incomeinequality .
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James Morgan

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So much in this article by +Edwin Lyngar posted over at +Salon characterizes what has happened to my father as well: the transformation from thoughtful conservative to hysterical reactionary.
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Insights into the #onepercent shared by an anonymous wealth management advisor in 2011, re-shared by Gus Lubin at +Business Insider bares the truth about making it in America. It is a lengthy read but worth it. One notable quote:

"In my view, the American dream of striking it rich is merely a well-marketed fantasy that keeps the bottom 99.5% hoping for better and prevents social and political instability. The odds of getting into that top 0.5% are very slim and the door is kept firmly shut by those within it."

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An interesting development shaping up in #china where they expect to raise the #retirement age for the first time since the 1950s. On the surface it is supposed to address a projected worker shortage but I suspect there are other motives. Could not China eventually #outsource to other countries in order to address labor issues just as most of the West has done?
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