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Petr Nalevka
Urbandroid and Red Dragon founder, Developer, Life-hacker, Startupist, Libertarian, Ph.D., Pastafarian, Tripple-father but most of all a Geek
Urbandroid and Red Dragon founder, Developer, Life-hacker, Startupist, Libertarian, Ph.D., Pastafarian, Tripple-father but most of all a Geek


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Hello Folk, latest BETA version brings new features to scheduled profiles. You can now use a Resume action, so for example if you pause Twilight and forget about it, it can resume it later on automatically..

Beside time you can schedule any profile transition for sunrise and sunset..

The UI has been enhanced with outlined icons..

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With my latest app you can Say goodbye to Kinetosis (aka car sickness or travel sickness).

You can now read or watch movies in your car or on bus without feeling bad.

Kinetosis typically happens when travelling in vehicles. It is cause by conflicting motion signals from your inner ear and eyes. This triggers and ancient toxic defense mechanism in our brain which induces dizziness, fatigue and nausea.

KineStop gets you back on track. It puts your inner ear in sync with your eyes by simulation a horizon on your or yours kids mobile device so that you can read or watch movies without the hassle.

KineStop draws the artificial horizon on any screen so you can keep using your favorite Movie player or e-Book reader.
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Hello, latest BETA with the UX changes I wrote about earlier is now 100% and one of the other interesting additions is Google Play Music support for alarms similar to the current Spotify support but probably more reliable..Any Google Play Music users who would give us some feedback on this new feature? Many thanks for testing..

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Hello Folks, another UX update is slowly heading your direction. We are hearing your feedback regarding the dashboard, the tabs and everything. We understand that some of you still find the dashboard cumbersome especially in some use-cases.

One of the issues which we heard many times is the floating action button on the alarm screen does not start sleep tracking but instead adds a new alarm which is not what you want before sleep. We have addressed this issue in the latest BETA dashboard.

Next we have learned that still around 14% of you use tabs instead of the dashboard. This is quite a high number. Instead of making tabs gradually deprecated we decided to keep them around for power users and specific use-case and instead make them more powerful and customizeble.

We want Tabs users get all of the advantages of the new dashboard. This is why the Dashboard is now one of the tabs. The only limitation is swipe to hide is not working as it clashes with swipe to change tab – you can still hide cards using the Show/Hide option at the bottom.

In addition tabs are now easier to configure using the last tab (also removable) which serves as tab configuration screen.

We are experimenting with a new default tab setup – Alarms | Dashboard | Graphs | Tab config.. if you do not like this setup you can switch to the previous defaults in the tab’s config tab.

In addition we have updates icons in the app with their outlined version which look more aesthetically aligned.

More over the alarms-only home page setup hides some more of the unnecessary sleep related staff – for example makes settings simpler.

Hope you will enjoy our latest update, please give us feedback and also many thanks for testing!

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Hello Folks, we need your help to test new version of the app which is a massive rewrite!

As you may know after Nov 2018 devs can no more update apps without targeting Android Oreo.

Sleep as Android is here since 2010 (Android 1.6) and targeting Oreo was a massive rewrite for us. It took us more than half a year to prepare everything for this. Three months ago we have started to test the version internally and today we would really need to extend this further to more people.

Even though we are quite confident core features will work we still don't want to risk to introduce this to the whole BETA group (+130k people). That's why we are calling for Alpha testers.

Please if you want to help, please put your Play Store user account in the following form:

Many thanks for testing..

Hello folks,

I did just release Twilight 9.0 into BETA, which is a big rewrite of the app to support modern API levels on Android.

As the rewrite is quite big there is a high risk of not everything working properly, so if you do not want to help test version 9.0, please opt-out from BETA now at the following URL:

New features in 9.0 include:

1) Run-time permissions, please make sure to grant the app the following permissions
- to draw over other app otherwise the filter would not work
- coarse location - to get your sunset, sunrise times
- storage - to be able to filter your wallpaper especially on Oreo+ where lock screen cannot be affected by the filter any more

2) Notification channels
- you can minimize Twilight's notification easily

Please let me know should there be any issues with the BETA 9.0..many thanks for testing..

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Sleep as Android summer SALE 50% OFF
get your sleep right at the best price..
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Big sorry for recent crashes in version 20180724, this is now fixed in 20180725.. Many thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience..

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Sleep as Android jako vybraný startup na Startup with Google
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