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Round Watch Faces  - 
The red pill or the blue pill?

This is one of those *..*ish things that I can't seem to resist doing. 

The fantastic tourbillon from +Nite Owl posted the other day on the bright side. I've learned how to use a bunch of things in Inkscape so there is a home made day of week dial on the dark side. These are stand alone parts so you can flip it any way you like. On the dark side you get Phone Battery in the seconds inset.

Aside from the tourbillon which is really fantastic, the coolest thing about this is the new transitions from dim to bright. This one uses the "Dreamy" transition which I urge everyone to lobby +Alex Curran to change to 'Matrix' because it's got this amazing Matrixish effect that has me laughing every time I see it. And please also lobby for extending the transition time (remember Matrix time with the slow motion shoot out scenes?)....

Link in the comments.
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Pretty cool effect +Matthew Fiori​, love it ;)
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Matthew Fiori

Off Topic  - 
Google clearing out inventory?
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Hmm, sorry to tell you, but it was a bad choice. The lg g watch don't have a Wi-Fi chip, so it won't have one of the main functionalities of the next android wear software update. 
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Matthew Fiori

Round Watch Faces  - 
First things first. Thanks to +Craig Goh for putting up the beautiful  IWC Tourbillon (actual watch, retail value ~$122,000) the other day. That one is fantastic. That led me down the path of the IWC site and the Portugieser Collection. Beautiful watches with fantastic price tags on them.

Next, thanks to IWC for putting up the fantastic high resolution images. The difference between working with these and everything else is like night and day. 

My head was spinning a bit from so many dials so this is what resulted from the search for something that might fit the bill of simple. If you're interested, the parts on this come from three watches that would cost you about $65,000 in total. 

Dark version is what you get when the watch goes dim. Small hand on the dark side is phone battery, goes backwards from the right edge of the shelf to the left edge (so 50% at the 12 position). 

Oh, and here's a message to the marketing people for JLC and all of the other high end brands (yes, we know you are out there watching).

Take the message from IWC and put up high resolution images. This is great free advertising for you.

Link to file in comments.
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+david lee The three pictures with the bands are the three that I took parts from to do my mashup. I just put them up there to show where the pieces came from.
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Matthew Fiori

Request a Watch Face  - 
Not that I could possibly figure this out on my own but here's an interesting idea for the watch builders out there. I have never seen this in any watch anywhere.

Equation Of Time:
An Equation Of Time or EOT is a complication that shows the difference between true solar time in nature and mean solar time in man. As the earth revolves around the sun in an elliptical shape and the axis is tilted – there are only 4 days a year when the day is exactly 24 hours long – April 15th, June 14th, September 1st and December 24th. On every other days of the year, the days are slightly shorter or longer, depending on the position of the earth. The EOT complication showcases the difference between the “mean” and “true” time.
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Darn, Google Plus messed up the formula :-/

The first and second time (47/15) appears in the formula, you have to put a multiply sign in front of it...
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Matthew Fiori

Watch Face Parts  - 
I must have learned a million things that you can not do with Inkscape  and a few that you actually can....while doing the BP 2925 and so here I am on the next one and boom. Already  my head is exploding with disbelief that these things are possible with a different perspective. 
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The feature I use.. You can import acad dxf files.. I can draw a hand or face in AutoCAD import the dxf file then shade and color it in inkscape..

You can also import PDF files , works great for some company's operation manual on watches edit out the extra stuff on the page.. And you have a line art of the watch face you can then color..
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Matthew Fiori

Request a Watch Face  - 
Lots of beautiful work on here today. Really nice. Always love to come here and see some fantastic stuff. Thank you to everyone who is doing the work. 

...this one is coming along.

First of all. Thanks a tourbillion or a billion at least or a googol to the person who did the white one (and sorry that I don't remember who you are) because I am reaping the work from that for the 2925...

It took a day to learn how to re-create the day dial that got sort of mushed up in the process. and I am going to figure out how to do the bevel effect tomorrow around the part of that dial which also got sort of obliterated.

and the tourbillion is going to work completely in this one...if you see a gear it is going to be moving. so thanks a googol to everyone who has already done other pieces like this, your work is being reaped as we speak.

reap: receive (a reward or benefit) as a consequence of one's own or other people's actions.
receive obtain get acquire secure realize
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+Matthew Fiori it's a pleasure. Hopefully link still works. 
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Matthew Fiori

Off Topic  - 
Anyone know if this is real? I've seen a couple of pieces talking about the LG G watch Urbane using this image but I don't think that this is the Urbane. This is a nice looking device if it exists.
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Check this out....should answer your question....
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Matthew Fiori

Request a Watch Face  - 
Chrono is not my thing and I've got a long list of others that only gets longer every day. 

This was requested by +Jason Freeman if any of the Chrono lovers have the time. You will love working with the IWC graphics.
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+Craig Goh are you still going to create this beautiful watch for us? I thank you in advance. 
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Matthew Fiori

Request a Watch Face  - 
Thanks to the usual people for the rotation code and the ideas. And to Sean Archer for suggesting it. The date hands all move ten minutes to the change over time in a nice smooth way. Blancpain moon...

Link in the comments. 
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Thank you. One of my favourites.
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Matthew Fiori

Request a Watch Face  - 
The list of people to thank is very long on this one starting with +Nite Owl and +Paul Hurst for the Tourbillon and the math to make it work. Also +James Taylor and +Giacomo Montepoli for the math to make the date dials turn in a very nice way in the minute before midnight. And +Quico Ribalta for suggesting this one. And if you see any of your parts on here and I forgot you thanks. 

So, if you own one of these actual mechanical works of art, you know that the glass on the back is not so that you can see more of your hairy wrist but so that you can see the eccentric rotor that keeps the watch wound spinning.

 This one has one of those, (sorry to say that it actually consumes energy here rather than storing it) and when you turn your wrist, it will rotate and you can see that through the window behind the tourbillon. Thanks again to +Paul Hurst for the math idea for that.

 If you hold your wrist still (or your phone or tablet if you look at this on one of those in WM) at a 'normal viewing angle', the rotor will stop rotating. 

It also does a couple of other fun things around midnight but I'll let the inquisitive wait to see what that is.

Link in the comments.
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Matthew Fiori

Accessories  - 
InfiniteUSB is raising funds for InfiniteUSB - one usb port, unlimited devices on Kickstarter! Having your mobile phones or tablets stay connected to your laptop. It’s time to bring elegance back to your desk.
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This already exists at my local 'Central Computer' store on El Camino (In Mountain View, CA)
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