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Request a Watch Face  - 
The “Brexit” is unprecedented. The decision could push Britain into a recession, spur the breakup of both the EU and the United Kingdom and trigger a global financial meltdown to rival the 2008 crash.
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Jeff C
+Terry Zahn Accidental? lol
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Matthew Fiori

MISC. WatchMaker  - 
We now have a name for the “first luxury Android Wear smartwatch”. The Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01 moniker was revealed by the Swiss watchmaker’s CEO this week. Speaking with wearable tech site Wareable, Jean-Claude Biver said: "There is no other choice for Tag Heuer than to have all its DNA, [...]
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+Matthew Fiori​... Wow!!!.. Thank you very much for this good news!!! 
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Matthew Fiori

MISC. WatchMaker  - 
Markets are jumpy over coming leap second. Traders and exchange officials are prepping for the latest incidence when a seemingly innocuous time change, the coming leap second, could potentially cause havoc to markets if systems aren't made ready, the WSJ’s Stephanie Yang reports. The leap second is an event that happens every few years when the standard time around the world is adjusted by one second to account for a slight mismatch between clocks and the Earth’s rotation. Some market participants are treating it like the latest Y2K bug.
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Or inception, time stretches
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Matthew Fiori

MISC. WatchMaker  - 
Bring it.
Wow your classroom with this fun fact of the week - it's all about palindromes! #GoogleEdu  
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Matthew Fiori

MISC. WatchMaker  - 
From the Google's master designer....
A practical guide... - Matias Duarte - Google+
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Ram Mor
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Matthew Fiori

MISC. WatchMaker  - 
Anyone know if this is real? I've seen a couple of pieces talking about the LG G watch Urbane using this image but I don't think that this is the Urbane. This is a nice looking device if it exists.
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Check this out....should answer your question....
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Matthew Fiori

Request a Watch Face  - 
Anyone want to step up?
Here is a fancy $1.28 million watch from Greubel Forsey. Mere plastic isn’t protecting the interior of the watch. No, it’s transparent sapphire. Transparent sapphire. ::transparent sapphire::. T...
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iVerge. Forever on Tim Cook's backdoor stuffer 
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Matthew Fiori

Discussion  - 
I have two moto360's paired to one Moto X. While there is a way to "name" each watch in the Moto connect app, I have not found a way to give each one a unique name in the Android Wear app.

So you open the wear app and can not tell the difference between the two watches.

Anyone have any ideas on how to ID each watch in the Android Wear app?
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Not in the Android Wear app, but in Bluetooth settings. The change should be system wide
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Matthew Fiori

Request a Watch Face  - 
This is a rare Franck Muller round face. There are no good high resolution images of this that I can find, so it is out of my league to reproduce.
Requires build it from scratch skills. 

Hope one or more of you artists likes it as much as I do....
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I took a stab at this one Matthew. It's in the round watch section now.
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Matthew Fiori

Request a Watch Face  - 
This guy writes some pretty realistic reviews. Nice graphic too. I don't think I have seen that Cartier done really well yet. This is a request for the build it from scratch people out there.
Man -- there's a lot to like about this watch. If you're at all interested in Android Wear, you'll want to give this a look. - JR Raphael - Google+
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Matthew Fiori

MISC. WatchMaker  - 
Put a $200 dollar "fitness tracker on the strap of your $15,000 watch" or put a replica of a $15,000 watch on your $200 fitness tracker?

The choice is there for the adults who understand the concepts. 

Personally, I stand with +Frank Dufaux  in the argument that every moment in time, we all need to take a step back and get a fucking grip on reality. 

Ban the children. No exceptions. No seventh chances.
As tech companies start to compete with luxury watch manufacturers, luxury watch manufacturers are increasingly turning to technology. IWC Schaffhausen is the latest watchmaker to follow the lead...
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Matthew Fiori

Round Watch Faces  - 
The red pill or the blue pill?

This is one of those *..*ish things that I can't seem to resist doing. 

The fantastic tourbillon from +Nite Owl posted the other day on the bright side. I've learned how to use a bunch of things in Inkscape so there is a home made day of week dial on the dark side. These are stand alone parts so you can flip it any way you like. On the dark side you get Phone Battery in the seconds inset.

Aside from the tourbillon which is really fantastic, the coolest thing about this is the new transitions from dim to bright. This one uses the "Dreamy" transition which I urge everyone to lobby +Alex Curran to change to 'Matrix' because it's got this amazing Matrixish effect that has me laughing every time I see it. And please also lobby for extending the transition time (remember Matrix time with the slow motion shoot out scenes?)....

Link in the comments.
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Pretty cool effect +Matthew Fiori​, love it ;)
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He was born in Queens, moved to Staten Island around age 10 grew up there an arms length from some of the most amazing stuff in the world and rarely made the trip to Manhattan. Attended an all boys Catholic high school, graduated in the bicentennial year 1976.
Went away to college in Oswego NY. Returned to NYC in the early '80's and got a job in the securities industry in lower Manhattan. Worked in the WTC buildings. Had his first working abroad experience in 1984 when he lived/worked in London for six months or so.
Was sent to Japan in 1986 by Morgan Stanley. Remembers a day before his 30th birthday when he thought he would know a whole lot soon. Remembers many days starting about fifteen years later when he came to understand how little he would ever know in his lifetime. Finds those days particularly enjoyable.
Returned to the USA in 2005 and lives in Arizona now with his wife, two children and a couple of dogs.
Spends part of every day looking to prove something that he currently believes wrong by learning more. If he did that for money he might be called a scientist. Since he finds that it is not too difficult to do, he appears to be a cynic. Perhaps he is just an idiot. Only time will tell.

Here is an example:

Since we have known for a few hundred years that the Earth rotates around it's axis and revolves around the Sun, why is it that we still say things like Sunrise and Sunset?
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Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01 Smartwatch Name Revealed

We now have a name for the “first luxury Android Wear smartwatch”. The Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01 moniker was revealed by the Swiss watch

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Italian Spring Rolls!!! Fantastic ambiance for a casual place. Great vegetable calzone. Go off the beaten track if you are visiting Toronto.
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Fantastic place, fantastic food, fantastic service.
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4 reviews
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