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Anyone want to step up?

I have two moto360's paired to one Moto X. While there is a way to "name" each watch in the Moto connect app, I have not found a way to give each one a unique name in the Android Wear app.

So you open the wear app and can not tell the difference between the two watches.

Anyone have any ideas on how to ID each watch in the Android Wear app?

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This is a rare Franck Muller round face. There are no good high resolution images of this that I can find, so it is out of my league to reproduce.
Requires build it from scratch skills. 

Hope one or more of you artists likes it as much as I do....

Markets are jumpy over coming leap second. Traders and exchange officials are prepping for the latest incidence when a seemingly innocuous time change, the coming leap second, could potentially cause havoc to markets if systems aren't made ready, the WSJ’s Stephanie Yang reports. The leap second is an event that happens every few years when the standard time around the world is adjusted by one second to account for a slight mismatch between clocks and the Earth’s rotation. Some market participants are treating it like the latest Y2K bug.

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Bring it.
Wow your classroom with this fun fact of the week - it's all about palindromes! #GoogleEdu  
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This guy writes some pretty realistic reviews. Nice graphic too. I don't think I have seen that Cartier done really well yet. This is a request for the build it from scratch people out there.

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From the Google's master designer....

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Put a $200 dollar "fitness tracker on the strap of your $15,000 watch" or put a replica of a $15,000 watch on your $200 fitness tracker?

The choice is there for the adults who understand the concepts. 

Personally, I stand with +Frank Dufaux  in the argument that every moment in time, we all need to take a step back and get a fucking grip on reality. 

Ban the children. No exceptions. No seventh chances.
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