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Don't search, Do!
Don't search, Do!


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For those people using Do on the current Ubuntu development release (Precise Pangolin), this might help save some aggravation. Or, at least, explain why things aren't working properly at the moment.
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Do 0.9 release

This is the first in a series of Do releases that remove some of the technical limitations of the current code base.

The headline feature of this release is the new DynamicItemSource API. This allows plugins to notify Do when a new item is available, or when old items become unavailable.

The Application item source uses this new API. You are now able to launch freshly-installed applications immediately from Do, rather than having to wait for them to be indexed.

This release also contains numerous bug fixes, switches from the unmaintained NDesk.DBus to dbus-sharp, and will use the mono's dmcs compiler in preference to gmcs.
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