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My latest blog post: 5 Seconds To Be Unskippable. Tactics and entertaining examples to convince YouTube viewers not to skip your ads!

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Here are 5 examples of video ads that make viewers laugh and drive brand preference at the same time. These brands not only appear in the ads, they are at the center of it, telling a story that resonates and gives people a good laugh. I called them 'humorous storytellers'. Follow the link below, and enjoy!

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What does great video content look like? Here are 5 strategies to get started with made-for-web video. Thanks for reading and leave your comments!
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Here is my latest blog post, where I explore three effective strategies to unlock the mobile opportunity in marketing campaigns, and examples of leading brands who have just nailed it. I hope you'll find this useful, and please leave your comments!

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Very interesting interview to the AUNZ MD of TubeMogul on programmatic Video buying.

My key takeaways / opinions:

1) Programmatic buying for video advertising here to stay. We have seen the same shift in Display ads across the globe and Asia is not proving dramatically different. Growth in Video programmatic buying will probably continue to accelerate, and the uptake in other Asian markets might be even faster (once main roadblocks to adoption are removed)

2) While it is difficult to say what share of Video buying will be programmatic in the long term, we are unlikely to see a full shift. YouTube will remain very relevant not only as a key source of inventory, but also as a platform for direct buys for more premium / sophisticated brand solutions, for which programmatic buying presents inherent limitations

3) We will witness a shift in how brand advertisers measure impact of their campaigns. First, they will understand how to effectively compare TV to Online Video (e.g. cost per unique vs. cost per impression, as mentioned in the article). Second, they will embrace a new set of metrics to measure the additional impact that Online Video can drive vs. TV, e.g. in terms of user engagement, content curation, etc

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