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printable coupons, mostly. and a weekly preview of sunday paper coupons with corresponding score.
printable coupons, mostly. and a weekly preview of sunday paper coupons with corresponding score.

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there's an e-mail newsletter now!!! pass it on to your frugal vegan friends who aren't on facebook or twitter! <3

i'll switch the source feed for the e-mails over to the real website once that happens, so you won't have to subscribe to a second e-mail newsletter (i hope). once and done. easy peasy. enjoy!

ok, let's talk about how to use up too much fruit preserves, jellies jams etc. in this post. (i'll leave my ideas as comments) <3 SC

let's continue the theme with ketchup in this post. (although in my opinion, one can never have too much ketchup in one's stockpile, but just in case you really DO have too much, let's use this post to talk about all the sorts of delicious ketchupy meals to make to use it up. noms!)

today's post is dedicated to my pile of barbecue sauce.

other than smothering tofu or seitan, what would you do?

TofuForBrains would like this post to be dedicated to cous-cous. what would you do with a boatload of cous-cous?
(she says it's free at shaws this week. which is an albertsons store, so the deal might be at other albertsons stores such as ACME and such)

ok, now let's do brown mustard. (i discovered that french's brown is a bit more... piquant than guldens... after i got an armload for free.)

i like to make a "honey" mustard with agave and vegenaise, but i forget where i wrote my ratios. and i only know that it's delicious when made with guldens. i'm afraid to waste good vegenaise and agave with the strong stuff. i'll most definitely start small scale.

how 'bout you? other than the obvi sammiches, how would you use up some brown mooostard?

since G+ is somewhat of a forum-type of thing with comments bumping posts up to the top, let's use this page for discussing how to use up commonly purchased inexpensive ingredients. first up, yellow mustard. what can i do with this stuff??

p.s. if you have a pile of stuff in your pantry that you want me to make a new post about, feel free to comment here or send a message to supercarrot[at] i'd be glad to make a post for you. <3

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so, you left facebook, right? until we have an actual blog, you can get all the FB posts in your feed reader via the RSS feed below.

if you left FB before that whole fiasco where it has become more aggressive in their algorithm that doesn't show you all your friends' and pages' posts, well. that's what's been happening. so even if you still read vegan coupons via your FB feed, it might be good to also add it to your feed reader so you don't miss a deal.

i tried to add it to feedburner so people could get a daily e-mail digest, but feedburner was having none of that! (too many errors on FB's end. natch.) i promise i'll build an actual blog! some day, some day. <3

i might eventually make some regional posts. give a + to the regions you'd like to be added to. (are there any other regions that are pretty unique in the stores that are available?)

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this page is for those of you that left facebook. i unfortunately won't post all the same things as i do on FB, since my time is limited, but i'll at least post the most important things. until there's a way to automate, that is. <3
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