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Shmuel Fomberg commented on a post on Blogger.
it may be better if you won't link to the site, but write the URL as text.
This is so that it won't gain credibility in the search engines. (nofollow do not entirely stop that)

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I don't think so at all. I think that the other side can only do limited damage that can be fixed / reverted.

Gave up on Safari - it takes 1GB of my mac.
(it have three processes - safari, safari web content, and safari flash plugin)
FireFox and Chrome, which work as hard, take only a fraction of that.

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I live in Tokyo, and here on every building there are array of boxes where the delivery guys can put the package, and they put into your mail box a note saying "your package is in box XX and the code to open it is XXX".
So simple.

I can't refactor anything at work. Just don't have the political strength to push it through. 
I tried to do it in a branch, (after telling everyone that I'm going to) and then when it was completed to show it around. (see? this does exactly the same as the old version but is much cleaner!) 
The branch was marked "need review", and left to dry and die. 

This is so depressing. And we have a some areas that could use a lot of refactoring. I just look on them and know that nobody is going to let me fix this mess. 

In the meantime, I'm directing my creativity to writing plugins. ufff.

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I have made a Movable Type plugin that let you make multiple-languages sites easily. And nobody seen to care. :-(

I've been studying WordPress's export files, and it is simple and elegant.
They don't try to capture all the relations between their objects, (such as images and entries) but just dump a list of images and the entries text.
Inside the entries text, there is all that they need to know. so example, images URL, from which they can find the image. And picture size, from which they can optimize, and add to the image src url size info: "?w=126&h=126".

How I hate it when there is a function that doesn't function as it should, and the developer adds a flag to make it behave, that after that we find another bug in it, so the next developer add another flag to make it behave.
So calling the function you should do: func(params, 1, 1)
All this instead of doing the right thing in the first place. ufff.

In our application (Movable Type) there are a lot configuration options.
But some of them are so fundamental to the app, that if you touch them it will break spectacularly. 
I really don't know why we have them. Maybe they were useful at the beginning of the development. probably.

Google Maps japan have added a subway-line-sign to their directions.
It means that if it tells you to take the Nanboku-line, there will be a (N) mark near it. 
This makes it easier to use for people that doesn't know Japanese. Thanks Google!
(Of course, one day they will have the option to write the direction in English, but this is a good step)
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