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I'll be interviewing Presidential Candidates Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein, next week for 91.3fm KBCS. Feel free to submit any questions you might want me to ask them!
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Thank you, kind sir! For anyone who's yet to delve into the long, rambling political discussions between Marcus and Marc: I'm curious about whether Dr. Stein's views on gun control differ from the official position of the Green Party.
+John Splater You seem to have a nack for casting assertions without providing evidence to back up your claims, if I didn't know better I would think you were a "spammer". So let me get this straight we have one party who is willing to take our "green" money and give it away as corporate welfare/socialism, and we have another party who does the same but uses softer rhetoric in doing so and is "nicer" about it. And you say to hell with the Green Party? Whose candidate is actually running on a platform for Job opportunities for people who are out of work? I'd really advise you to perhaps educated yourself, before you made anymore statements that might be embarressing to you and make you appear uninformed.
+Marc Paul Rubin I believe we went over their "official" position as them not necessarily having one other than the parties support of the Brady Bill in 2000. You may have their platfrom confused with the Australian Green's who are very much anti-gun, anti fishing and anti alot actually,lol. Other than the names and overlaps in some issues, most notably the environment, the American Green Party doesn't take any offical stances from them, nor do they from the American party. You may want to browse the GP preamble which even states that it is a "living" progressive document subject to change. So Im not sure if Stein's opinon could differ from an "offical" position if their is technically no "official" position, other than historical actions. Of course if you judged our two major parties I'm not sure you would recognize them today from their own historical actions.
Mr.Splater I can't helped but think that you're projected your own internal feelings on me, as you have simply casted assertions without a shreed of evidence. I would certianly be up to discussing this further, however the purpose of this particular post was to ask if anyone had questions for the candidates, if you do not have one could you please refrain from posting on here or move your conversation with me to another post, thank you.
As far as I'm concerned, there is only one issue that really matters, and that is: "What will you do to reform the democratic process in this country, and to reduce the overreaching police powers being used to suppress dissent?"

Because, basically, nothing else matters if you haven't got a working democratic government and personal freedoms, and once you've got them, you've got a fighting chance to fix the other things that are wrong.
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