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FYI, Iris and I have another kid-- a son who is 6 weeks old.  

His name is Linus.  I am proud. That is all.

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Over the past month my wife and I have found that we've capped out the limits of our shared DropBox account.  After meeting our referral quote and now maxing out our free storage, we've needed to find an alternative.  I've stumbled upon, which appears to be a viable option.

I just downloaded and installed their Mac client and it appears to be just as easy to use. comes with 20 free GB and, if what I've read from older reviews is true, if you refer enough people you can get over 1TB in free space!  That's waaaaaay better than Dropbox!

Anyway, I'm attaching my referral link because even though 20GB is a lot of free storage, you can always use "just a little bit more."  :)

If you are curious, please hit up the link.  Thanks guys.

Triple-post in about an hour... I know, insane.  Anyway, I changed my "cover" in Google+ and now it is super-tall.  Ugh, hate it.  Wish I could go back but I don't think I can. :/

I forgot to mention that I can now be followed on Twitter.  @RLHartness

Taking a 24-hour hiatus from working on the #microcash  project and messing around with #cryptocurrency related endeavors-- big stuff and it's a lot of fun!  Still, I need a bit of margin just so I can re-focus on the important things (i.e. Jesus Christ and the fam.)

Interesting, related topic.  During my daily quite time today, I was looking at all references to the "Kingdom of God" throughout scripture.  Unbelievable how often finance and wealth is discussed in light of God's kingdom!  It's as if God wants to hammer the point-- "If you are in My kingdom, you don't have to worry about personal provision.  I GOT YOUR BACK!"

This truth makes working with Microcash, and the dev team, so much more fun and easier!

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Good article addressing the recent Bitcoin bubble.  As an aside, I am part of a small team whose seen these limitations for a long time.  Though I support the Bitcoin idea, I understand it has many limitations that could be fixed with something new and entirely new.  This is where Microcash (our new currency) comes in.

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Google is planning on shutting down Google Reader July 1.  Seriously, why?!  I tend to think a bit silly but, drastic times call for drastic measures.  I'm willing to exploit to current administration, in order to keep my Reader.  If you have no clue what I'm talking about, please sign the petition.  If you do know what I'm talking about, sign it and please share.

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Oh... man...  I was such a nerd when I was 11.  I had one of these watches and I wore it with tons of nerd-pride in 1992!  I... I think I must have this.

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#ifihadglass Not sure what dev options will be available with the Glass but would LOVE to create a small app that taps into The Echo Nest, Echoprint API so that I can always know what's playing on the radio around me. B-)
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