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Anybody using Fleet for distribution of Chromebooks? I have a few questions about best practices for distribution and inventory.

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I'm presenting on Chromebook Management tomorrow and wonder if anyone has created a useful infographic or table showing the major differences between "Device Settings" and "User Settings."

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MakerSpace Mannequin Challenge!

Finally got my Google Home Assistant but am receiving an error that Google Assistant isn't allowed in my GAFE domain. I'm the admin and can fix this, but how?! Any ideas?

Some of our students have reported that when they turn in assignments via Google Classroom on the PHONE APPS, the assignments are not received by their teachers. Anybody else seeing this? If so, any solutions?

Anyone else having issues with Chromebooks "blanking" out with some users. We have Dells that we know work because some kids have no issues. Others log in and then the screen goes on and off. I log in as them on a Chromebox and delete all extensions and reset their browser settings and it seems to be help for a while. Just wondering if anyone has a better solution or is experiencing the same issue.

Anybody experiencing issues with the Admin Console this morning. I just added a few new kids and they are not showing up anywhere. I tried to create them again and it says the username already exists. Also, I tried to move a few kids to anoyhter suborg and they just won't move. Just checking to see if anyone else is seeing this.

I have email access from outside our domain blocked for students and I am trying to add a domain to the "allow" list. It's for Scratch and email comes from But, the admin console is telling me that's not a valid email address. Any ideas?

I love the new Q&A in presenter view, but have a quick question. I am using a Dell 11 Chromebook and extending to a projector via HDMI. When I start Presenter View with Q&A, the presentation and the Speaker Notes show only on my Chromebook screen. I have to drag the presentation tab to the projector and go full screen there. (A little tough when navigating the mouse).

I know that with Powepoint and Keynote, the presentation screen automatically starts in the extended monitor. Is this a GAFE issue or a Chromebook issue?

Not a show stopper but I want this to be easy for my teachers.

Thanks in advance!
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