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Wayne Johnson

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Bang on buddy! Exactly right!
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Wayne Johnson

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      I will be away on vacation for the next 3 weeks starting today. I will return at the start of September. I wish all my friends and followers all the best while I am gone. Have fun while I am away and be safe. I look forward to seeing everyone when I return. :)
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Enjoy ur vaca.
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Wayne Johnson

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ALEPPO:  Another brilliant maneuver by our SAA with the help of both HZB and SAA-Special Operations units.  At the infamous Central Prison, legendary for the unassailable bravery of hundreds of trapped Syrian soldiers who braved every kind of deprivation in the defense of this citadel of stalwartness.  Even the inmates who suffered along with our troops must be saluted for their unwillingness to succumb to the pre-feudal rats of Alqaeda and Ahraa...
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Wayne Johnson

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+Grand Negus mission accomplished LOL
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Wayne Johnson

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+Andre Chavez a blond moment 
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Wayne Johnson

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Americans will forever be in lala land. If you lay the truth on them, they will call you "negative", at the least, and sometimes come close to lynching you. To be "positive", in the American vocabulary, is to leap at the chance to believe in some fairy tale.

Posted 8/10
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Wayne Johnson

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                                                   Federal Reserve Bank

       Rothschild is worth an estimated 15 TRILLION Dollars. He is part owner of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, the Associated Press and Reuters News --- through the purchase of its (A.P.) stocks. NO Congressmen are elected in this country unless Rothschild has financed their campaign through one of his banks and promoted through one of his news agencies. He is the man who gets our Presidents elected in this country.

     How did Rothschild get so wealthy? Every time you pay your federal income tax, much of that money goes to him via the Federal Reserve Bank and enforced though the IRS. It is as simple as that. Wilson allowed the Federal Reserve Bank into this country in 1913 and since then, our currency has been devalued by over 97%.

     This is how the scam works.

     When our Government needs more money, they call up the Federal Reserve Bank and tell them how much they need. The Federal Reserve Bank then calls up the mint and tells them to start printing up the requested amount. The Government then gives the Federal Reserve Bank bonds for the cash --------- at interest.

     THAT is where the problem lies.

     It is interest that can NEVER be repaid. Think of it like this. If all the money floating around in our society today is only the principle of the money purchased through the Federal Reserve Bank by our Government AND the fed is the only place from where money can come, then where does the money come from to repay the interest?

     It does NOT exist.

     The money will become worthless. Eventually, the banks own everything and private property becomes a thing of the past. Future generations will rent the homes their progenitors owned.

     The Bonds?

     They are supposed to be invested to make up for the interest spent for the money. Since 1913 though, they have never turned a profit. Eventually, our currency will become worthless and that is what is happening now. This will eventually lead to hyper-inflation. Some countries are fighting against the Rothschild owned banking system: Russia, Iran, China, Brazil, and India. South Africa is too. They have formed an alliance called BRICS because of this.

     This is why we MUST fight against the NWO (New World Order) with all of our might and get our news from the Internet. Rothschild has controlling interests in ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN, FOX, and most of the major newspapers in this country. If you complain, you will be immediately called "anti-Semitic" by many but, stay strong. It is NOT about religion to the 99%. Only the 1% will benefit by the NWO and even THEY will eventually be brought to their knees. That is how the system works.

See the following short video.

(It is in animated form to keep it interesting as opposed to some video that confuses and bores the viewer with hard to understand statistics.)
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+Jim Humphries shilling for your bread and butter, are you now? 
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Wayne Johnson

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American nuclear scientists, Nobel laureates and physicists with Q clearance, who have access to top secret atomic information, have hailed the recent nuclear deal with Iran, saying that it provides a basis to curb proliferation in the Middle East and globally.
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+LARRY SILVEIRA  Quit blaming the republicans for the wrongs of the democrats 
it's hogwash 
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Wayne Johnson

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The U.S. wants Assad removed to weaken Iran’s influence in the region. ISIS, al-Qaeda and every other terror groups created serve a useful purpose and that purpose is to fight, disrupt and divide the Arab world for its vast natural resources and for U.S. arms manufacturers to profit from the lucrative war industry. It is a careless foreign policy right out of Washington that can lead to a greater war in the Middle East.
And so it begins. The first official airstrike was carried out by a U.S. drone that targeted ISIS strongholds inside Syrian territory. “A US drone today carried out one air strike in Syria near Raq...
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Seeing the political frame assad and yanukovich has tight relation with putin , within geopolitical influence both nation attach to Nato.

The point on isis urge integration of iraq and syria, the point on crimea ask for independence.
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Wayne Johnson

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and they get that reassurance on a device called TV!
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I speak French and German
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Burlington, Connecticut
London, England - Darby, Montana - Washington D.C. - Bradford, Vermont - Hartford, Connecticut - Torrington, Connecticut
My motto is: "Live Free or Die". I allow everyone to comment on my posts but, please don't call other people names or be rude. If you are having a problem commenting on one of my posts, please tell someone to contact me. I am neutral on matters of Religion. I vote independently. Many of the people who signed the Declaration of Independence are cousins of mine so, I am a STRONG believer in equal rights for everyone.

My nickname is Vinny. I am currently living in Burlington, Connecticut. I have blue eyes, shaved head, with a goatee. I am 225 Lbs. but, that will go down in the Spring to 215 Lbs. I am bright, well-mannered, clean up well, down to earth, courteous, articulate, and sincere. I love to cuddle on a cold winter's night as well as throughout the year. I like to keep up on the News. I love being on the internet when I have the chance. It can be very educational once you learn to read between the lines. I am a HUGE Zeitgeist fan! Check it out on YouTube sometime. Bill Clinton is a fan too. It's 4 hours long but you learn more in those 4 hours, than from any other source in the world, on matters which really count. I speak German and French fairly well. I am into genealogy. I am friendly, accomodating, and passionate. My favorite music is soft rock when I am driving to any type when I am out clubbing. My Favorite food is anything except: sushi, escargot, frog legs, caviar, anchovies, and anything that is traditionally cooked, but isn't. My Favorite restaurant is The Nordic Lodge in Charlestown, Rhode Island. My Favorite place for brunch is Belle Terrace at Avon Old Farms (Although the Simsbury Inn is a close second for their pancake blintzes).  I love Mill on the River for German food.

Bragging rights
I am a Mayflower descendant, Son of the American Revolution, Son of the Founders of Hartford, Connecticut and a descendant of Charlemagne. My 8th grandfather, John Winthrop Jr., was the first Governor of the colony of Connecticut. Another 9th grandfather was the second Governor of Massachusetts: William Bradford. John Winthrop Sr. was a 9th grandfather. William Pitkin, Connecticut Governor, was my 8th uncle and Robert Treat, another early Governor was my 9th. uncle. I'm related to almost every President of the U.S.A. and to the first Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A. MacDonald, most of the Monarchs of England and France, one from Wales, and every King from the Scottish throne through the Forbes, Strickland and, McDuffee sides of the family. The following movie stars are all my distant and, not so distant, cousins: Lucille Ball, Shirley Temple, Shirley Booth (Ford), Marilyn Monroe (Gifford), Bette Davis, Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, Brook Shields, Paris Hilton, Mae West, Jane Mansfield and Jodi Foster. My direct progenitors started the Episcopalian Church, Salvation Army Church, co-founded the Congregational Church, and I am 2nd cousins (6xs removed) to Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church. Famous industrialists and others include: William Crapo Durant, Co-founder of General Motors, John Brown: abolitionist, The Porter's (married into the Keep family), who own Miss Porter's School for Girls, Henry Ford, and also the makers of: Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Johnson's Wax, Pond's cold cream, General Foods (Margorie Merriweather Post), the Packard Automobile, Nash Automobile, inventor of the modern electronic television: Philo Taylor Farnsworth, and above ANYONE else: Henry Martyn Leland, the founder of the Cadillac automobile. Interesting facts: My 9th grandfather, John Lathrop, started the first library in this country in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Both Harvard and Yale (Yale is related by blood and through marriage on the Mix (aka Meeks) side of the family who sold him the property where Yale University is on now) have seen a cousin from my family as their Presidents. Colin Francis MacKinnon, my 3rd great uncle, founded Saint Francis Xavier College and Saint Ninian's Cathedral in Nova Scotia, Canada. 5 of my 8th grandmothers were hanged as witches in Massachusetts during the witch hunts. Two of my 9th grandmothers were native Americans who were daughters of Indian Chiefs. My 30th grandfather, Richard LeFort/Fortescue saved the life of William The Conquerer therefore changing his name from LeFort to Fortescue (Strong Shield) at the battle of Hastings in 1066.
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