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Brilliant piece that delves into some important issues, not only in tech but in creativity, the worth of words, and the real value of code. (Note: the comment conversation is a great read). 
Are coders worth it? - There’s this great moment in the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011) when the world’s most celebrated sushi chef turns to his son, who is leaving to start his own restaurant, and says: ‘You have no home to come back to.’ Which, when you think about it, isn’t harsh or discouraging but is in fact [...]The post Are coders worth it? appeared first on Aeon Magazine.
In today's world, web developer's have it all: money, perks, freedom, respect. But is there value in what we do?

Margaret Doyle

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Well, I guess I'll be the first here...just launching a destination transmedia project for the hotel sector. The story is about Mrs. Everett who goes on the lam from her real life to explore and travel the world, free at last to find herself and begin the life that was waiting for her to live. The first 'chapter' if you will, is done and the second to be posted this week. It will be a 12 month journey and she will be a virtual guest hosted around the globe in the most incredible hotels and getting its all kinds trouble in remote destinations. The unfolding story of her marriage will anchor the spine of the story and this is revealed as she travels from one locale to another across multiple platforms. So have a boo and sign up to be her pen pal, you may even get something in the mail from London or Morocco or Kenya....
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Thanks Marco! The next chapter will be posted this week so stay tuned.:)
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A 32 second brand story featuring shoes. Nicely done!

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Anyone else using hangouts with success in tourism? 

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Stunning, beautiful, insightful video on story from Ken Burns.
How stories keep the wolf from the door and why math has no place in storytelling. What makes a great story? Kurt Vonnegut had 8 rules, J

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Visitor's social story increasingly mobile.

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A micro-study of the why, what, when, where of Google search:
Search starts with the web. It's made up of over 30 trillion individual pages and it's constantly growing. Google navigates the web by crawling. That means we follow links from page to page. Site owners choose whether their sites are crawled. We sort the pages by their content and other factors.

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Thanks for the invite Marco, cheers. 
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Great tips, and well, it was a great story to work with that is for sure!
When we first engaged with Lucasfilm, we were confronted with an exciting challenge – How do you create a digital ecosystem for an entire universe? Digitally translating franchises like Star Wars, Tra...

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On the hunt for experiential travel trends that are waaaay out there but have a growing fan base...

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This might be one that needs to be posted on the fridge.:)
Live the story, share the story
Story architect, writer, instructor, passionately helping others find and tell their stories across multiple platforms and media. Currently consulting businesses on creating story cultures and finding the narrative at the heart of their organization. New work in 2013 will include specializing in telling stories through a Transmedia lens. I believe that stories should be transformative and have a purpose... why don't we go story hunting and get to the heart of what matters? Current Transmedia work includes the story of Mrs. Everett--meet her and travel the world at
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Bottom of a family of 11, 9 of which were brothers. Competitive storyteller from the beginning. Winner of a national marketing award from CUTA for my campaign design for Transit Hero, a story initiative for BC Transit.
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Vancouver, BC, Canada
Story architect, Transmedia campaign designer, digital strategist
Writing, digital storytelling, training, tourism educator, multi-platform narrative design, social media management, strategy, instruction, event design and direction
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