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Leo Carlos
animal lover, peace junkie, writer, poet, patriot, blogger, googler...
animal lover, peace junkie, writer, poet, patriot, blogger, googler...


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Wishing all Muslim friends and acquaintances Eid al-Fitr Mubarak.

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Such beauty I have not seen until I saw this.

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Can't remember where I found this, but I like it.

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Wishing everyone celebrating it.
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No one on earth will believe it snows in the Arabian desert as I did too...until he or she watches this.

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Looks staged, but so what, am liking this very much.

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Arthur Benjamin, faster than a calculator.

P.S. This video has had more than 5 million views.

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A new milestone has been reached. Presenting the 50th chain link in my poem, The World's Longest Sonnet Chain, which may be found at

If I were but to dip these feet of mine
Into a pond of pure Shakespearean verse
My tongue would soon be slurred from too much wine
And alien would my language be or worse
And anyone that did but hear me speak
Would think of me as quirky, strange or odd
And in these modern times a language freak
Who should in language terms be better shod
Like one that hath the knowledge gained in schools
And hath the application skills as well
And doeth not the wrong that's right for fools
Nor doth he in the archaic past dwell
As wouldst thou too wert thou a fool like me
And if that's so, plus Shakespeare, that makes three.
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