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ok, americans are crazy too... This is about the craziest magic show ever!
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How do you add some "spice" to children game? Well, NOT like this!
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Happy 64th Independence day!
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Law of Strategy - Strategic litigation at the service of a law firm
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Israel RNC law firm NEW presentation
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Super extreme "sport"! Yep, it's those crazy Russians again! Russia strikes back!
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Vice President Varda Elsheikh of the Tel Aviv District Court resigned, Thursday evening, as chairwoman of a national group representing judges. While the resignation came against the backdrop of alleg...
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RNC's main office complex at BSR 2nd tower 29th floor
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A day of snow in Jerusalem
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Top Israeli law firm practices business and administrative law
The Firm
The mission: Excellence! (watch our new presentation)
Our clients are our most valuable assets. Therefore, by a permanent aspiration of excellence, the firm - which is ranked among the top Dun's 100 firms - and its attorneys spares no effort of remaining at the very top of service quality level.

The firm's brand new offices' complex offers cutting edge legal service as never seen before in Israel and among Israeli attorneys. As your time, as a client, is regarded as crucial - we targeted saving it as one of our goals. As a direct result the RNC become the very first Israeli law firm which was authorized to use Video Conference affidavits (such as "third generation" cellular transmission, Etc.). This allows us providing our international clients with the best legal service available without troubling them overseas.

RNC attorneys and administrative staff has a direct-online access to clients' files world-wide including court's halls and global locations which do not support IT.

The RNC law firm as also published, for the first time in Israel, a laymen guide to civil law. The "Complete Guide to Civil Law" includes most common legal situation and subjects and offers effective solutions. The guide has been widely used by the general public as well as by Israeli attorneys.

Extensive efforts has also been vested by the law firm in improving legal case management and monitoring as well as in providing clients with the best legal consulting available. Our law office and attorneys see it as their obligation not to remain rested but to keep changing, improving and keep being at the cutting edge of legal service for you - the exclusive group of RNC's clients.

The vision: a Multi-Disciplinary perception
As a dynamic and "young" spirited Israeli law office a vast effort is being made on being well informed at both: legal and technological fields. The RNC and its attorneys stands firm at the very heart of information junctions and keep learning and developing in order to provide clients with the best legal service and advice. Our law firm, by its devoted attorneys, delivers top-quality legal services for both, private and commercial clients in almost every legal situation they may encounter. That is from the very first step at the business world, trough complicated joint-ventures, contracts, transactions and commercial properties management to protecting intellectual property's rights, advanced litigation, Etc.

The law firm's expertise and specialty is mainly in providing not a mere legal consultation but rather a Strategic consultation (which is yet to be heard by Israeli attorneys). From a wide and advanced perception the RNC law office amd attorneys escorts the client through the whole decision making process of the business-commercial struggle and do not settles at the common legal service. Our law firm is therefore conducting its services and advices to clients from a strategic rather then tactical perception. The RNC law office provides its clients with an in-depth legal consulting at a variety of legal fields thanks to its specialist divisions - each practices a unique legal field.

Litigation and legal struggle, at the RNC law firm, are also conducted from a multi-disciplinary point-of-view. An integral use is being made at the mass-media communications, intelligence & investigations abilities, specialists & experts in a wide array of fields. All legal measures and initiative are being taken in order to bring to a rapid and decisive conclusion of the legal-business struggle (a 'knock-out' if you will rather then a complete 'match'). The element of an early 'pre-litigation' and surprising the adversary by an unorthodox (or 'out of the box') management is widely used.
Contact Information
Contact info
1st Ben-Gurion Rd., 2nd BSR Tower, 29th floor, Bne-Beraq, ISRAEL 51201