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Best Ad Ever?

I can't answer questions like that. All I can say is that I read an article about this website on techcrunch or somewhere, not exciting. I watched this video... I'm currently perusing considering joining and getting a F***ing Great blade of my own.

EDIT: I now officially joined the Dollar Shave Club. Best idea ever.

Second Edit: If you decide to join and click on my ref link, I can get a free month. I'm not saying you should... but it can't hurt to suggest it.
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The Executive
The final frontier; it’s like a personal assistant for your face. Only 9$ a month.
Shipping is only $2.00 a month. I honestly prefer a 2 blade razor.. but they at these prices I feel like a fool for not getting The Executive.
I just signed up too. I'm also actually really excited. This is incredible.
They also have a built in pyramid like scheme. I didn't even realize before I posted or signed up. But they have incentives for you to get others to sign up.
It's not really. The only incentive is that I save a little on this month if any of my friends click my specific link and sign up. It's for a limited time and there's no tiered system. I don't gain anything from people who signed up from my link signing up further people from their link.
It's a really smart use of social media. They don't have to advertise. They post a viral-ready video on YouTube. People share the video and have an incentive to tell others about the company if they like it.
Website's not loading for me :\
That kinda makes me want to shave my beard.
That is so AWESOME!!!
I think Google Plus traffic just crushed their website.
so whenever the website comes back up, I'm so getting this!
This ad made my day.
If I were a man, I would definitely go the DollarShaveClub route.. Make a video for women!
Wish the web site would load - extremely slow.
This picture is WEIRD at all.... wait i was using sarcasum lol
One of the best commercials I have seen in a long time.
hahaha man my hubby uses so many razor, I might give it a try lol . It's for real?
+Essy Fabian It is legit... wait until traffic dies down in a couple days though their site is breaking all over the place
The idea itself is great, but just watching that commercial make me want to join!!
lolololol Handsome A** grandpa!
Dang, I wish I were a man, so I could join too. I don't need a blade a month for my legs.
this guy has all the right messages: (1) don't waste money, (2) use what you need, (3) jobs. someone should pick him up as a VP running mate!
lol the site is off line due to technical problems . hahaha you guys slow down in the signing
WOW just WOW shut U* and ull be ok
Just got through to the site. Their ad auto-plays upon load. I'm thinking they could de-stress their servers by nixing that feature. I'm assuming that it costs their bandwidth to pass that through -- even if it's hosted on youtube. Maybe that's wrong.
any chance of this coming to the UK?...
+Bryan Debbink No. It doesn't actually go through their servers. The video is served via you tube so google takes the hit
Fix your webpage, so even handsome ass grandpa's can sign up before they die of old age!?
I don't want the product but the advertisement was great!
Your handsome grandfather had 1 blade and polio
I've been using single-blade safety razors ( if you don't know what it is) for a decade or two. Haven't done the math, but I'm pretty sure they're a lot cheaper than 1$/month.

However, nobody's making viral videos about them :-).
I just hope this is real, and the site is down because its getting bombarded with hits.
Bahaha. I hit the replay button so much I've received a restraining order from YouTube :-(
This is how ads should be; honest, to the point, catchy, and slightly humorous :)
I wetshave, so I spend literally pennies a day on shaving. I bought enough blades recently to shave every day, throw out a razor after only 3 shaves, and still not make another blade purchase for 2 years. For $20.

If I use my straight razor two times a week as well, that will add another 6 months to the total.
I now realize there is a need for a +10 button.
from the advertisement, I can judge 'quite beneficial' for all.. :)
but.., quite hard to say in a 'real life'.. just need a proof now.. :)
why are you talking bout razors?? And why you got a stupid look on yo face
Wow... I have a post that's hot on G+. If only you people were using my link to join the club I could get some cheaper razors! :)
Still can't load the site. Gotta wonder how much business they're losing. Never go cheap with your web host!
If you load it a few times it should come up. Also, I just checked. With almost 300 shares, not one person joined from my link. I can't even get one month of free razors after 300 shares.
Maybe you should try my magic link... ;)

I don't know. I had a problem loading it originally today. It took me about 4 tries to get it to load. I hope they are able to support this kind of demand. They only had that one poor hispanic lady and a guy in a bear suit to do all the work it looks like.
take it easy dude, if an old dope like me can make it work , anybody can. How would you get into a safe, if you can't get into a computer. Don't swear at it , it has no ears. write a letter, and get us excited , for more. Tomorrow we're dead . Think, how much harder it is to feed yourself, if we go into a 1929 situation . Have a good one Dude
+Dante Fernandez Trust me, I've been trying your link over and over! :( No luck yet, but I promise that it will be through your referral link if I get it to load...
No worries +Matt Soave If you can get it to load anyway take the opportunity. It literally saves me one month.. and probably not even shipping. So $1.
You're in for a treat btw if you get through to the website. It's pretty irreverent also.
Clay S
This video is HILARIOUS!!! This is the best commercial EVER!!!
You know, with all this love for the video, I'm still only up to 2 free months of shaving.
Whoop. I just mysteriously dropped back down to only 1 free month.
sales men make me sick, why don't you go and catch something . like pox.
Now this is some serious marketing! I sent this to my MBA cohort and told them to forget everything they learned in our marketing classes and to listen to this commercial if they wanted to learn marketing and get rich at the same time. ! +1 if you agree (Circle if you need some cool friends)
Lol I liked the commercial... Alejandra lol that's great! Or of all the people who needs jobs he choose a Latin...too freaking funny!
Awesome. From the video preview I was sure it was going to be a mock commercial from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Thought this was fake...well hot damn I'm sold! Better commercial than many of the "pro" commercials on tv!
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