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Dante Fernandez
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Dante Fernandez

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Dante Fernandez

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Dante Fernandez

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These corn dogs were almost ripe. I'll probably come back and pick them next week when the mustard plants are also ready to harvest.
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Dante Fernandez

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One cannot find himself until he is willing to be lost.
I'm very interested in interesting things.  I like to share them when I find them.

I'm particularly interested in politics, economics, science, space, technology, philosophy, classics, religion in general, Buddhism lately, science fiction, literature, movies, football, zombies, robots and robot zombies.

I'm a returned Peace Corps volunteer from two countries in Africa.  One in the West and one in the East.

Even though I post with strong language and opinions, I'm happy to have thoughtful and respectful conversations about any subject. 

I've always been a Star Wars guy.  I was, at one time, obsessed with BSG.  I am now in the middle of watching all of Star Trek from Enterprise to Deep Space Nine in that order.  I've never watched any before.  
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I'm open minded. Also I'm a dog person. And I just started learning how to make bread. I've been arrested and detained for smuggling large quantities of alcohol into an Islamic Republic.
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Washington, D.C.
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the quiet place

have you ever noticed how many things require your attention?