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The 8th transgender woman murdered this year. Alphonza Watson. Say her name. At this rate, this year will be the deadliest on record for trans people. The life expectancy of a trans woman of color:


Let that sink in.

My life expectancy as a white passing trans woman. 41 years. 

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As mad as I want to get about this, I think the real takeaway from this article is how well the author explains the importance of respecting gender pronouns. 

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Charity zine soon to be photocopied! it's a Little 8-page zine (two folded sheets of paper) featuring an 11 room dungeon written and put together by myself, using a map released by +Shane Ward​​​. All donations for a copy of this will go to benefit Youth without Shelter.

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Preview of the next big thing. gonDra! I'm having fun with this. 

Personal update: I finally have a new job! I found a restaurant owned by an LGBT couple and got a fair shot from them. I just finished all my paperwork, it will be fun to get back to upscale serving, especially in an environment that supports me. The staff and management were great about pronouns and bathrooms. I'll be broke as hell and kind of on the edge for a bit, but at least I'm happy and employed. 

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Some interesting newer books on this bundle 

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Hey everyone, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in submitting work for Dungeon Lord or would like to pitch an adventure idea to be published on its own? 

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Another round of stuff for sale

Conan the Roleplaying game TSR, complete with dice and unused original crayon. Box has some wear but it's otherwise in fantastic shape. I'm not sure what a fair price is for this, it sells for $100 or more on Ebay. Make an offer

Spaceship Zero. $15

Dungeon Crawl Classics Peril on the Purple Planet $60

Dungeon Crawl Classics The Chained Coffin

Broncosaurus Rex. $15

Revelry in Torth. $10

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This looks really interesting... 
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