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Added photos to Javaposse Roundup 2013.

I never would have believed the idea the idea that exercise can be addicting.

I've been at the gym 4-5 times a week for the last three weeks, and I've really been working at it. I started out with a pragmatic attitude. It was neither negative nor positive. It was just something that I finally had to do, and that was a huge step for me, because in the past I've been quite negative towards working out. Recently though, I had finally come around and admitted that I need to do it.

This is different though. I have begun to like it, and I'm astonished by that.

Trying to get Steam to understand a second account on the same computer. facepalm I just want let my daughter play Civ V.

Awesome, finally got in, and now I have no time to check things out. Got to get ready for the tournament this weekend.
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