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Fun with a hint of crazy! - Avid Runescape Nut (Obviously)
Fun with a hint of crazy! - Avid Runescape Nut (Obviously)

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Hi all, 
Please make sure to keep an eye on this page whenever an update is out - I'm working on make it more real-time and a hub for contacting me as directly as possible!
Take care and have fun scaping around!

Finally getting around to playing Monkey Madness.
Actually playing.

Hey crazy-awesome people,
I am pleased to announce that Runescape Rune Tool will soon be redesigned for newer versions of android!

Now don't worry, support for all your gingerbreads and honeycombs will still be available! If you know what I mean :-)

I also am totally excited to welcome a new developer/designer to DarkRaveDev!!!

Look forward to future improvements! 

Finally will get to runescape today, after like forever! I started too late on the art competition... so I don't think I can get that done either.
But so happy that beta is open to everyone who registered!! And you guys are awesome at keeping me updated in like everything!!

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Haven't rs'ed in soooo long...

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Rune Tool has reached it's first "awesome" download milestone!
I'm really trying to push the next update guys, please be patient! :D

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Advanced Word Play....

Visit us at to learn more!

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Feelin' grumpy.
Well that's a little inaccurate...
More like a little nervous.
Guess that happens on the first day of work...

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Still working on the next update - decided to give you folks a little more power with a cool settings page - customize the app to you!!
Let's hope I can roll this one out soon!

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Rune Tool has officially reached 400+ downloads everyone!|
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