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Tetangga yang baik. Apakah anda seperti ini juga?
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RE: Non-electric Mechanical Bidet is introduced.
Dear Sir.
Hope that somehow 2015 has well been proceeded as you had planned in the beginning. 
Our affiliate Sanitary Ware manufacturer” Eureka” has been one of the leading producer of Mechanical water pressure Bidet In Korea over 20 years.
It runs only with natural water pressure and very simple to use and can be used with both hot and normal temperature water. And in the warm climate weather, if you don't need hot water, you can simply connect that only with the normal temperature water inlet.
Please check it out for the summary of features 
“Non-electric Mechanical Bidet
-No electricity is required.
-Run by natural pressure of the hot and normal temperature water 
or only with normal temperature water by shutting off hot water inlet in the warm climate countries.
-No Safety issues.
-No maintenance cost
-Water nozzle for lady is equipped.
-Easy to install by clients.
-Good for preventing hemorrhoids and other related disease.
-Can be also used for hygiene purposes.

Made in Korea since 1994 , Awarded Gold Prizes by LA International Invention Fair and Switzland International Invention Fair “
We are looking for a partner who can distribute either jointly or solely in your country.
Please feel free to contact  Joe, 

 (Messenger: imo/Viber ); Mobile:82(Korea)-10-7577-6599, 

A&F Company: Sharing is the key to success!
#105-209 Hwaseong Tools Distribution Valley, 139-1 Donghwa-ri Bongdam-eup  Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do , S. Korea.  Tel:82-31-230-9917, Fax:82-31-230-9918,,  joe916@  Web;
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Surya TOTO Indonesia

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 A big thank you to all our visitors at Keramika 2013! Thank you for making our booth a huge success.
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Surya TOTO Indonesia

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Surya TOTO Indonesia

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