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Aden Lowe
Bestselling Romance Author. Luckiest man on earth. I get to live the life I want and do what I love.
Bestselling Romance Author. Luckiest man on earth. I get to live the life I want and do what I love.


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So I've been busy writing Big Game: Hunted Love #1, releasing on September 15th. I'll share a snippet here with you:

**A faint noise drew Jakob from the twilight that precedes waking, straight into full alert. Unsure what disturbed him, he lay still and allowed his eyes to open a bare slit. With his luck, that mountain lion could be prowling through camp. Unable to spot anything out of place, he sat up, careful not to move too quickly and get his head injury in an uproar again.
Splashing, louder than the stream flowing over the rocks, drew his attention. Fascination froze him in place for an instant, forcing him to just watch. At the creek, Kate straightened and squeezed water from her hair, then flipped it back to swing down her naked back. Water droplets clung to her pale skin like crystals, refracting the light and mesmerizing him.
She half-turned to retrieve something from the ground, revealing the curve of one breast. The sound of Jakob's agonized groan must have carried, because she straightened and turned to face him, moving too quickly, and lost her balance.
Head wound forgotten, he leaped up and dove across the small camp area in an attempt to catch her before she could fall into the icy water.
She recovered just as he reached her, and stood facing him, breathing hard. Something in her face had changed and for the first time since meeting her, Jakob felt as if she actually saw him. The unreachable Ice Queen was gone, and in her place....
He didn't wait to analyze. Another step brought him close, and when he reached for her, she didn't resist. Kate came into his arms with a grace he hadn't suspected she might possess. The chill of her damp skin cooled the fevered heat of his chest, and at the same time shot his temperature a few thousand degrees higher.
No further encouragement needed, he lowered his head to claim the full lips that had tormented his every thought over the past two days.   **

Enjoy ;)
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I now have a pinterest page, head over there and follow me.
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Still writing Dom Wars Round 6 with my buddy Lucian Bane, can't wait for you to read it. Go give Lucian a like on his Amazon page.
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