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Now with more cowbell!
Now with more cowbell!

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You know how the movie Space Balls has a speed called "Ludicrous Speed?" I just bought a bag of rice crispy cereal that really should be labeled Ludicrous Size. This is the natural hazard of doing per-ounce cost comparison shopping, I guess. LOL. On the upside, GREAT excuse to make mass quantities of Rice Crispy Treats! LOL.

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I love Andy Borowitz's Onion-style satiristic news stories! :-)

What's your favorite appetizer? Bonus points if you can give me a link to a recipe. Next Ladies Night food theme is Appetizers and I'm looking for ideas. :-)

To the dude behind me at the red light earlier: I'm a dog lover; however, I'm not a DOG LOVER. Had you kissed a woman the way I caught you kissing your dog, you would have been arrested for public indecency. Congratulations! You've successfully, thoroughly creeped me out.

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I had no idea that near-death experiences were so rare (3% of the population, I think it said). I've had two of them, although neither of them fit most of the criteria listed in this article. Have you ever had one?

I was sitting, eating my lunch, one day when I noticed that the two cannibals behind me were eating a clown. One of them leaned over to the other one and asked, "Does this taste funny to you?" <grin>
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