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Good Health: Supreme Blessing & Best Gift
Supreme Blessing & Best Gift A life without a touch of illness would contradict the basic
law of nature.  However, a life with
minimal illness is what we all desire. To this effect, I believe a life without
illness is the purest and supreme form of blessing...

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Reflections on 109th National day
I just completed Dr.Karma Phuntsho’s History of Bhutan last Sunday.  It is an auspicious moment by my reckoning,
for we are left with just five days before we celebrate the 109 th National day of Bhutan. Reading the book provided me a broader perspective of...

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A prayer in late Spring
17 May 2016.   9.11am  I t is a gloomy morning in late Spring in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. As I walked to my office, it was raining gently. I had to avoid vehicles from splashing muddy water on my gho by walking very carefully. Life is back in full f...

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Rice Farmer & Happiness
Rice Farmer and Happiness Beautiful songs in praise of Lord Krishna playing from the
old speaker hanging high near the village temple pervade every corner of this
little beautiful town. The evening air is filled with aroma of incense sticks
being offered ne...

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Retrospectiva 2015
#Retrospectiva2015 is a twitter
hash tag that is currently trending on the popular micro-blogging site. People
all round the world are looking back at the year that is just coming to an end.
In places like Goa, electronic dance music festivals are being org...

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Shambala Here and Now.
Shambala is a mythical Buddhist heaven known for peace and joy and long life. Seemingly useless and small thoughts and actions that we are carrying out now is for ever recorded in our memories. We do not realize the beauty and value of things as it happens....

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Song Number 13 in Nirvana
A slice of Nirvana in September One Friday evening in early
November, I return from office as usual. Reaching home, after taking a warm bath, I
open the fridge. There is no milk. I sip a glass of water and switch on the TV.
Nothing of interest shows up even...

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Ruskin Bond and Autumn Sky
September 2015 Ruskin
Bond and Autumn Sky Ruskin
Bond? Yes, the great Indian children’s writer who wrote scores of beautiful countryside
tales and short stories like The Cherry
Tree & Garland of Memories etc . This afternoon, while walking in the autumn

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September Coming
One night in August, Thimphu, Bhutan Walking
home from work yesterday evening, I came across trucks and trucks of military
men passing by. A cool August wind laden with aroma of lemon grass was blowing,
brushing my curly brown hair. School children were goi...

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A friend tries to take off  People we meet in
life As we travel along a mysterious journey we call life, we
come across many fellow travelers. Each and everyone out there has a lesson to
teach, a painting  to give you, a story
to share, a song to sing and a...
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